Installing Kitchen Sink Drains Task Made Easy-sql2005安装图解

23 Jul

Home-Improvement Plumbing jobs are very important for a household to run well. But many a times you just keep waiting for the plumber, and he never turns up. Sometimes the jobs are easy, but you are just caught up with the thought that only a plumber can do it well. A major example of such a task is the installation of the kitchen sink drains. It is not a very difficult task to install the kitchen sink drains but not very often you do it yourself. Here are the steps that you need to follow, and you will be then yourself be able to install these kitchen sink drains easily. You must also buy a drain pipe kit that has the instructions for the installation of the kitchen sink drains. Also they ensure that all the items are well connected together. The first thing that you should ensure before the installation of the kitchen sinks drains is that you have turned the water supply of properly. Before you even start removing the old kitchen sink drains you should see to it that you place a towel under the pipe of the sink and also a bucket so that you do not have any problem in collecting any water that spills. The next step should be the unscrewing of the nuts of the kitchen sink drains. Then you should also see to it that you drain out any excess water by turning the u shape upside down. Then unscrew the old pipe and then remove it carefully. Then you must clean the areas around the kitchen sink drains and removes any dirt or debris that is around. This will ensure that the new kitchen sink drains do not leak. Next is the installation of the sink that is done from the underneath. Begin with putting the washer, the rubber one followed by the cardboard one. Then tighten the nuts as well. Make sure that the basket of the kitchen sink drains is centrally placed to avoid any chances of a leak. Then you have to attach the p-trap and for this it is very important that the direction of the V washer is downwards. Then tighten the screws well and affix the pipe as well. Next you must adjust the extensions of the kitchen sink drains so that they match the basin. The installation of the kitchen sink drains is thus not a very tough job About the Author: 相关的主题文章: