Biblical Healing Cardiovascular Disease-helmet怎么读

14 Jun

Henry Wright On Cardiovascular Disease Cardiovascular disease can be broken into three classes involving three different spiritual roots. The first class includes angina and arrhythmias, coming out of Fear, Anxiety and Stress. Luke 21:26 In the last days men’s hearts shall fail them because of Fear . All of these arrhythmic problems are the result of Fear, Anxiety and Stress because the first receptor cell of fear through the hypothalamus is the heart muscle. Just as the nerve signal is interrupted in mitral valve prolapse, so it is interrupted in heart arrhythmias. Suppressed stress and anger can reduce white blood cells, as in the case of mitral valve prolapse. For a long time they told us that mitral valve prolapse was the result of an infection, but for several years we have known that mitral valve prolapse is an anxiety disorder. It results from a neurological imbalance coming out of the mind-body connection. When you are not at peace with God, yourself and others, your body will respond neurologically. There is an interruption of the nerve transmission controlling the mitral valve which regulates flow of blood through the heart. I have taught that for many years. In fact, we have had great success with the healing of mitral valve prolapse. There are literally hundreds of people who no longer have mitral valve prolapse because of the spiritual insight we have about what is behind the disease. Mitral valve prolapse is now considered a syndrome. It is associated with a slight imbalance in the autonomic nervous system. The autonomic or unconscious nervous system controls and affects most, if not all, of our body functions and systems. This includes our heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, sweating, gastrointestinal motility and secretions, digestion and sexual responses, to name a few. Stressful stimuli such as Fear, Rage, Anger or even job pressure can elicit a stress response from our autonomic nervous system, causing the valve to malfunction. It is not able to shut or open properly. Mitral valve prolapse is a common cardiac condition which is thought to affect ten to twenty percent of the general population. Both males and females are affected, but females outnumber males by three to one. It is hereditary, but not from a genetic standpoint. Recent studies have shown that approximately 40 to 60 percent of symptomatic mitral valve prolapse patients also suffer from panic attacks. This only confirms what we have been teaching for many years; mitral valve prolapse is an anxiety disorder. More information from Henry Wright can be found at About the Author: Henry Wright, author of A More Excellent Way, is the president and founder of Be in Health Global, located in Thomaston, Georgia. Pastor Henry Wright was exposed to the power of spiritual healing at an early age when his mother was miraculously cured of terminal cancer and a fatal tumor that was wrapped around her jugular vein. More information and resources can be found at and Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Chronic-Illness 相关的主题文章: