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14 Jun

Mobile-Cell-Phone 2010 has seen some pretty sweet phones; the new iPhone 4, the HTC Desire, the Nokia N8 and Samsungs Galaxy S. But for me the biggest yet is the HTC Desire HD; this phone has a mammoth 4.3 inch touch screen and runs on the super slick Android 2.2 Froyo OS. HTC have upped there efforts in an attempt to knock Apple from the top of the smartphone league table. With the Android platform .es a range of Google goodies which will no doubt benefit the general user experience and the phone is loaded with a super cool camera system capable of HD video. Many of my friends where gutted to here that an upgrade of there phone (the old Desire) was released so soon after the release of there own. For starters, the Desire HD is one of the most attractive phones ever, yes it is a little big, but is a few millimetres here and there when can benefit from a huge 4.3 inch screen which is loaded with, take a breath; capacitive touch technology for multi-touch input, accelerometer for UI rotation, proximity sensor for auto sleep mode and a pixel set up of 480 x 800 to make the on-screen imagery look truly spectacular. The Desire HD makes the most of its Sense UI to deliver an info packed home screen and an interface which can be customized to the max thanks to the phones accessibility to the Android Market. The intuitive UI provides a seven screen home page which can be pinched for a full overview. Each screen can be loaded with its own app, and with an already media rich collection of apps and more available for download, you will find few problems in filling them. FriendStream is HTCs exclusive SNS app which will allow users to view a single stream of status updates, posts and tweets all at once. Users can also benefit from the phones e-mail and IM .patibility as multiple accounts can be set up for each. Where would we be without basic texting, HTC have kindly included the almost forgotten SMS and MMS options too. HTCs Desire HD utilises both 3G and Wi Fi for speedy web connections, you also get full EDGE/GPRS for cellular network coverage. The web browser is, as expected, awesome. The browser tools are intuitive and effective and you have loads of control thanks to the capacitive screen which also makes web pages look clearer on the 4.3 inch screen than on your desktop PC. The high spec 8MP camera is one of the best we have seen from HTC, it is capable of shooting videos in 720p HD quality. The camera has a full range of LED flash, auto-focus and settings tools to play with along with image editing, slide show, video edit, soundtrack, and web uploading with sites like YouTube and Facebook waiting for your photos and videos. HTC have given the Desire HD an impressive video player which will eat up anything you put on its plate and the music player supports FM radio. Other features include an expandable memory via microSD card, Bluetooth, GPS with HTC Footprints and Google Maps, a 3.5m jack for headphones and a microUSB connection. The HTC Desire HD is without a doubt up there with the likes of the Apple iPhone 4 in terms of technology, usability and customizability. With the likes of HTC and Apple setting the benchmark and Samsung .ing awfully close with there Galaxy S, others may hopefully follow and contend at the sharpest end of the smartphone market. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: