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13 Jun

Vacation-Rentals One of the first things that every backpacker in Sydney is most interested in, is the best place to get a beer after a hard day of sightseeing! We’ve complied a list of the top 10 pubs, bars, wineries, hotels, and general alcohol-based venues to check out if you’re travelling to Sydney. The Local Taphouse The decor is described as being similar to an English pub. The Local Taphouse has a huge array of different beers, food that is delicious but not ridiculously expensive, and a good mix of tunes on the sound system. They also have theme nights, like Beer and Chinese, Beer Diva, etc .. so if you like beer, this is the venue for you! Durty Nelly’s If you can successfully ignore the loud, drunken Irishmen (many backpackers in Sydney consider them part of the charm, though!), the food here is described as ‘luscious’. There is nothing too fancy – if you’re into good steak and a nice selection of beers, you won’t be disappointed. Riverview Hotel The Riverview Hotel is one of several heritage-listed pubs within walking distance of your city central backpackers in Sydney. It bills itself as a mix of ‘old world charm and modern cuisine’, and the punters agree. Most comment that it is ‘unpretentious’; ‘polished but not snobbish’; and always ‘delicious’! Brass Monkey How can you resist a name like that?! Brass Monkey’s focus is music and drinks – they do serve food, but given the comments that ‘I think the food is just so they can have a liquor license’, you might be best advised to eat at your Sydney backpackers before you come! Shakespeare Hotel The meals offer generous, well cooked serves .. and cost around $10! The menu has something for everyone – if you are just looking to get out of your hostel for a little while, Shakespeare Hotel is the place to go. Red Oak Boutique beer cafe Beer connoisseurs will love Red Oak. It’s npt just a choice between light and heavy – you can get framboise, Belgian chocolate stout, real Guinness, blackberry hefe … not a VB can in sight. They also have tasting boards that complement the brews, but manage to stay very down to earth. Water Bar The building is probably one of the most striking features of the Water Bar – great ambience and a very chic design. They have a great cocktail menu, and plenty of platters available to share. Drag some of the other backpackers from your Sydney hostel along with you. Lord Nelson Brewery The building is supposed to be haunted .. perhaps that’s why you fall into such a ‘dead’ sleep after a good night at the Lord Nelson! This is a real character pub – they have a range of boutique beers brewed specially for the venue which are universally awesome. Madame Fling Flong Another one to visit purely for the original name! This is a ‘couch bar’ with delicious tapas and desserts and a fun atmosphere. Bambini Wine Room Vey much focused on the wine – there are 20 or so wines available by the glass, and complimentary snack platters of breadsticks, olives and nuts. Thursday and Friday nights get very busy – head out on a weekday to avoid the crowds. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: