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05 Jun

"The Mekong River action" box office counter attack   spectators – Shaanxi Channel – unknown hero original title: "the Mekong River action" counter attack "box office audience salute action" unknown hero Mekong counterattack breakthrough five hundred million was awarded the national box office for the film "stalls strong support of the Mekong River action" since its release will be friends, the box office exceeded 500 million way to counter attack — the first day of release 40 million, National Day day 60 million, 66 million, fourth, third, released in 72 million 500 thousand, fifth, 76 million 500 thousand, 10.5 Golden Triangle Chinese crew "85 million anniversary, until yesterday 92 million, and won the single day box office and attendance champion, this result in the audience seems pure surprise" have said: "the Mekong River action" from the plot, scene, input, or actor configuration It’s the pattern of quality blockbusters!" Hailed it as "a strong national archives work, is worthy of the second, third brush brush piece:" "conscience Mekong action" is indeed a good movie, not only can see the film’s efforts and dedication, from all aspects can see China movie hope! "As a part of both big and true gangster action movie depicts a dangerous drug, many netizens said" the Mekong River action "is full of excitement., more shocking. "The whole national day file makes me want to buy tickets to go to the cinema to see" Mekong River action "! Two hours from the fuel to the end, not only action fun, brotherhood, love, affection, and the feelings are to protect our homes and defend our country to impress people!" Five years since the tragedy, the wounds are deeply rooted! Thanks to the film, it reminds us that the drug problem must be addressed by everyone!" (Wang Li, Deng   commissioning editor:   Nan) 《湄公河行动》票房逆袭 观众致敬无名英雄–陕西频道–人民网 原标题:《湄公河行动》票房逆袭 观众致敬无名英雄   《湄公河行动》票房逆袭突破五亿 被评国庆档强势之作   电影《湄公河行动》自上映以来便获得网友们的大力支持,票房一路逆袭突破5亿――上映首日4000万,国庆节当日6000万,上映第三日6600万、第四日7250万、第五日7650万,“10.5金三角中国船员遇难”纪念日8500万,直至昨日9200万,并蝉联单日票房及上座率冠军,这样的成绩在观众们看来“纯属意料之中”,纷纷表示:“《湄公河行动》不论从剧情、场面、投入,还是演员配置来看,都是品质大片的格局!”盛赞其为“国庆档强势之作”,是值得二刷、三刷的良心巨制:“《湄公河行动》确实是部好片子,不仅能看到电影人的努力和敬业,更从各个方面都能看到中国电影的希望!“   作为一部既有大场面又真实描绘了缉毒凶险的警匪动作片,许多网友表示《湄公河行动》令人心潮澎湃,更令人震撼。“整个国庆档让我想买票进电影院看的就《湄公河行动》一部!两个小时从头燃到尾,不只是动作戏过瘾、兄弟情、爱情、亲情,还有保家卫国的大情怀都特别能打动人!”、“从惨案发生至今五年,那些伤痛根深蒂固!感谢这部电影的出现,它提醒了我们:毒品问题必须得到所有人的正视!” (责编:王丽、邓  楠)相关的主题文章: