Hongkong fashion shopping exhibition opened on the first day of hot, admission close to 60 thousand-若槻ゆうか

05 Jun

Hongkong fashion shopping exhibition opened on the first day of the scene hot, admission close to 60 thousand, "grab the goods finished, snacks can not row."." The resident Mr. Wan was near the Convention Center. He came over at noon and wanted to buy something to go home and have a lunch by the way. But when he got off work, the food stall shocked him. "The first time I see so many people, I want to buy things, shelves are empty, so long team, I’ll go back to the unit, later come again."!" On the spot, the reporters saw the stalls of fashion, fashion accessories, fashion products, jewelry, watches and clocks, household goods, cosmetics and personal care products, all packed with citizens. In Germany, Momax, Wei Yida, Bao technology such as Hongfu church stalls, people especially. Many exhibitors offer discounts, but also let many people open the "buy, buy, buy" mode. However, to see the scene of the crowd, reporters also reminded the public, the weekend to visit the exhibition, especially the elderly, but also pay attention to safety. A lot of practical, unique new products sold very fire "the roller type toothbrush, sell good in Hongkong. Can avoid bleeding gums, avoid abrasion of enamel, sucked tartar." In a booth, the salesman is Ma slipped introduces a toothbrush, it looks like a roller, Zhiting hair soft, a lot of people are very interested in. The reporter found yesterday in the exhibition, and many new products unveiled, particularly hot. As the only toys exhibitors, VTech stalls surrounded with the child’s father and mother. A toy called little Hippo sleep instrument, sold very hot. It can tell stories, play music, and have four color stars. Once it’s opened, like a projection, it shows stars on the ceiling. Ms. Feng, who has one year old baby, said that she had taken a look at the toy and watched the salesman’s demonstration. He felt that the baby should sleep well and didn’t hesitate to order. The reporters found that housewives also liked practical things. For example, there is a cutting board, it is made of 100% pine material, without any glue, high density does not absorb water, will not mildew. Ms. Ma on the spot under the two single, she said, very fond of the chopping block, to sister house also bought a piece, kitchen things, the quality is certainly better. Reporters also found a dust machine without electricity, gently push, you can suck the size of the battery are sucked, the price of 100 yuan a, a few housewives are also readily underground single.

香港时尚购物展开幕首日场面火爆 入场人次接近6万   “货抢完了,小吃排不上队。”市民万先生单位就在会展中心附近,他趁着中午过来,本想采购点东西回家,顺便吃个午饭。但等他下班过去,美食摊位的人流把他惊呆了。“第一次看到这么多人的场面,我想买的东西,货架都空了,这么长的队伍,我还是先回单位晚点再过来吧!”   在现场,记者看到,时装、时尚配饰、时尚精品、珠宝钟表、家庭用品、化妆品及个人护理用品等的摊位前,都挤满了市民。在德国宝、摩米士科技、伟易达、鸿福堂等摊位前,人尤其多。场内多个参展商提供的折扣优惠,更是让不少市民开启了“买买买”模式。   不过,看到人山人海的场面,记者也要提醒市民们,周末要来逛展会,特别是家有老人的,更要注意安全。   不少实用、新奇特产品卖得相当火   “这个滚轮式牙刷,在香港那边卖得可好了。可避免牙肉出血,避免磨蚀珐琅质,高效吸走牙垢。”在一个展位前,销售员正在麻溜地介绍着一款牙刷,它的样子如滚轮,毛质挺柔软,不少市民对此挺有兴趣。   在昨天的展会上,记者发现,不少新奇特产品亮相,尤为火爆。   作为唯一的玩具展商,伟易达的摊位前围满了带着孩子的爸爸妈妈。一款名为小河马睡眠仪的玩具,卖得挺火。它能讲故事,能放音乐,还有四色星光,一打开,就像投影一样,在天花板上显现闪闪星光。家有一岁宝贝的冯女士说,这个玩具她一眼就看上了,看了销售员的演示,感觉对宝宝睡眠应该很不错,就毫不犹豫下单了。   记者发现,主妇们对实用的东西也很喜欢。比如有一款砧板,它是100%松木材料制成,不含任何胶水,高密度不吸水,不会发霉。马女士当场下了两单,她说,很中意这个砧板,给姐姐家也代买了一块,厨房用的东西,品质肯定要好。记者还发现一个不用电的吸尘机器,轻轻一推,就能把电池大小的脏物都吸走,售价100元一个,几个主妇也很爽快地下了单。相关的主题文章: