What is the attitude of the defenseless woman could make man itching-高达08ms小队

17 Apr

What is the attitude of the defenseless woman could make man itching? The animation defenseless is an often mentioned the word, when a person is drunk or asleep or in meditation, often put the edge and alert, become unsuspecting, no resistance. While in this state is one of the most relaxed and natural, the most sultry woman, then what defenseless attitude will make men feel itching? Recently, the Japanese media conducted an investigation. Look at the girl – sleeping face "in her sleep as sweet as a child." (31 year old welfare organizations back office) "sleep on my side." (23 motor technician) – like to eat "eat a delicious meal of the most lovely girl." (26 years old and others) "very painful to eat." (32 transportation clerk) when drunk to show the defenseless attitude "- when drinking." (31 year old real estate office) "to go to the pub to drink, her eyes will become gentle." (24 year old construction clerk) "- when cooking cook for me." (30 company clerk) to cook or wash clothes." (26 other) – relieved. "Felt relieved when." (34 year old doctor of Medicine) "breathed a sigh of relief, what all don’t want to look like." (29 year old school · Education Office; Tencent) Click to download anime APP, see more popular animation works相关的主题文章: