Watsons sold a mask was detected banned hormone Fuzhou has shelves-特命战队go busters

17 Apr

Watsons sold a mask is contraband detection has been under the frame before the hormone Fuzhou Shanghai food and Drug Administration released in 2016 third cosmetics quality supervision and sampling announcement that Watsons sells the magical beauty skin care snail lifting mask was detected in cosmetics banned substances of clobetasol propionate. Shanghai food and Drug Administration issued in 2016 the third phase of the quality supervision and inspection of cosmetics announcement shows that the sampling process was found to have 5 batches of substandard products, the pass rate of 99.5%. In substandard products, beauty Tech (Shanghai) Cosmetics Co., Ltd. production of "snail nourishing skin lifting mask" was found to contain clobetasol propionate, which belongs to the steroid substance, sampling unit for Shanghai Watsons Co. ltd.. It is understood that the long-term use of glucocorticoid containing cosmetics, can cause facial skin to produce dark spots, atrophy thinning and other issues, there may also be a hormone dependent dermatitis and other consequences, "Hygienic standard for cosmetics" provisions of the cosmetics of prohibited substances. According to reports, this mask before the larger market sales. For the United States and Canada do not deal with substandard batches of products, Watsons relevant responsible person responded that the implementation of the product will be on the shelf. Fuzhou Watsons stores have six or seven, yesterday, the reporter visited Fuzhou Watsons stores did not see this problem mask. The store’s sales staff said that this mask products have all the shelves. The reporter saw, Watsons Tmall official flagship store, in the sale of the magical beauty mask a total of 7 models, the problem is not in the mask. In Watsons’s official website mall, can search the magical beauty snail nourishing skin lifting mask, a box, a total of 5, priced at 99 yuan, but also not to search yesterday. (reporter Li Yonghua) (Fuzhou News Network (micro-blog))相关的主题文章: