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17 Apr

Anhui 53 hospital service survey is not satisfied with the rate of 9.2% Star News Anhui hospital which is the best service? Market star, Anhui financial network reporter was informed yesterday, the provincial health and Family Planning Commission issued a total of 53 hospitals in the province in the first half of this year, the patient satisfaction survey results of three. Survey results show that poor service attitude is the first cause of medical people dissatisfied. In this survey, the satisfaction rate, the basic satisfaction rate, the dissatisfaction rate were 71.4%, 19.4%, 9.2%. Not satisfied with the top five reasons for bad service attitude, medical quality is not good enough, the inspection fee and high cost high, multi queue waiting time. Reporters found that the provincial hospital satisfaction rate was higher than the municipal and county hospitals. The provincial hospital satisfaction rate (including basic satisfaction) before the three acupuncture hospital, Anhui University of TCM affiliated Chaohu Hospital of Medical University Of Anhui and Anhui provincial Chest Hospital, the hospital and the masses satisfaction rate (including basic satisfaction) the top five for the first people’s Hospital of Hefei City, Tongling Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Anhui Anhui rehabilitation hospital, Wuhu Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Wuhu fourth the people’s hospital. From the classification point of view, the satisfaction rate of hospitalized patients was higher than that of outpatients, provincial hospitals were higher than the municipal and county hospitals, and the patients were higher than those of Western medicine and the public hospitals were higher than those of non public hospitals. The satisfaction rate of medical insurance patients was the highest, followed by the patients with medical insurance, the lowest satisfaction of other patients. At the age of 41 years old patients with high satisfaction rate, 21~30 years old patients were significantly higher than other age groups. Chen Xu reporter Li Wanting相关的主题文章: