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17 Apr

This migratory peak "Arctic visitors" first visit to Shanghai as migratory waders, wild duck, peak, egrets and other waterfowl have arrived there. The reporter learned from the Municipal Bureau of green city on the front of the Shanghai Museum of natural history researchers recently in the coastal beach bird, also found a skua. From the Arctic skua, in Shanghai city more than and 100 years of bird watching history for the first time to be recorded. Shanghai is located in the "Siberia – Australia" migratory birds on the route, every year there are millions of migratory birds through Shanghai, many of them will choose to stop here, winter. According to experts, usually in September and October is the peak of migratory shorebirds, ducks and geese and cranes in October – November. It is expected that in November, the national level to protect animal Hooded Crane and gull will arrive. People may take on birding equipment to Chongming, Dongtan and North Lake, Baoshan Baosteel reservoir, Nanhui Dongtan, Lujiazui Binjiang Park, will have the opportunity to encounter migratory birds. In order to protect the safety of birds transit, illegal hunting of migratory birds, the city forestry bureau in the city to start the migratory bird protection special action. Shanghai Wildlife Conservation Department will also strengthen the organizational strength of migratory birds wintering migratory stopover sites and migration channel, cluster area and other key areas of the field patrol and guard, to prevent the use of nets, poison and other illegal tools luanbulanlie migratory birds and other wild animal activities, and the joint public security, industry and Commerce, customs, transportation etc. departments to carry out joint enforcement, increase the flower market, restaurants, transportation and other aspects of the inspection and rectification.相关的主题文章: