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17 Apr

The 14 year old Ningbo teenager Xu Jialing in the 100m Butterfly Rio Xu Jialing won the 100m Butterfly title in Beijing yesterday morning, 14 year old Ningbo player Xu Jialing S9 in the women’s 100 meters butterfly in the final 1 minutes 07 seconds 90 won the gold medal for Ningbo, and added a gold. This is the fourth gold medal for the Ningbo Paralympic games. Xu Jialing is the youngest player in the Chinese delegation to the Rio paralympics. When she was 5 years old because of a car accident unfortunately lost his left arm. Swimming is parents in pain for her to make the choice, partly because her daughter love water, hope to swim can make unhappy her happy again; on the other hand is to let her become a disabled swimmer, so the future life will have a good place. So, Xu Jialing 6 years old into the swimming pool training. "I love the shuttle in the pool feeling, one day thousands of meters do not feel tired, let me swim back the confidence, let me have the pursuit of life." After swimming, Xu Jialing’s face and smile, her character became cheerful, words are more up. In 2015 at the Ninth National Paralympic Games, Xu Jialing won 3 gold and 3 bronze, at the same time to break the 200 meter medley, the 400 meter freestyle two national disabled swimming competition record, become the Paralympic Games won the individual gold medal and broke the national record youngest athletes. Xu Jialing’s goal is also increasingly clear: one day, to stand on the highest podium of the Olympic games." In the Rio Paralympic Games, Xu Jialing, a total of 6 to participate in the game, in the first day of the game she won a bronze medal. Then in the 200 meter individual medley SM9 games for 11 days, she was behind in the last 50 metres final in fourth spare no effort to catch up. "The first time to participate in the Olympic Games is still a little nervous, but the strength of the basic play out. The coach told me not to have pressure, do not want to score, as long as the best to swim on it." Xu Jialing said. She took a step to adjust their own, finally ushered in the outbreak of the day, in the butterfly and the relay project even for a gold and a silver. Reporter correspondent Fan Yaer Dai Bin相关的主题文章: