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17 Apr

Dalian, more than 470 suburban passenger car yellow car all out of the former off – Nova Greentown, all these vehicles off the assembly line today. Yesterday morning, in the great Jiaoyunjituan passenger company hospital, 34 new energy vehicles new plug-in hybrid bus neatly arranged in the middle of the hospital. Starting today, these new energy vehicles will replace the previous line on the yellow car formally launched operations. It is understood that the end of a suburban passenger line this year is Jiaoyunjituan replacement. So far, Jiaoyunjituan all suburban passenger line, the full realization of the green environmental protection intensive operations. It is reported that this "off – Music Star bus belongs to the broad company contracted vehicles, has been in operation for 9 years on the line, the condition is relatively poor, comfort is not too good, these vehicles will be held today all offline scrapped, replaced by a number of new energy companies to purchase new plug-in hybrid bus also, the nature of the business by contracting the past to now public bus. Dalian Jiaoyunjituan passenger transport minister Sui Yuanshun introduced, according to the relevant requirements for the elimination of yellow cars national, provincial and municipal, from August 2015 onwards, Jiaoyunjituan will raise funds to increase investment to update the suburban bus vehicles, bus lines successively to the group of the Lushun passenger branch, ambitious, Xinbei line passenger passenger transport company the center of the launch of new energy plug-in hybrid buses, so far, has been eliminated more than and 470 yellow cars belonging to 16 lines, accounting for more than 90% of the total number of transit vehicle group. Next, the group will be 10% of the remaining green vehicles converted into new energy vehicles, to achieve full coverage of the bus lines of new energy automotive applications.相关的主题文章: