Watch out! Indulging in a self timer can ruin your relationship-mp7a1

17 Apr

Watch out! Indulge in self time may destroy your love "self" is not only the key word of the year, but also the major social media sites (such as Instagram) popular posts. With the popularity of smart phones built-in camera function, from the camera began to prevail, and even the funeral of state leaders have not been able to escape the storm. But does it have a psychological impact? Two Florida State University scholar Jessica Ridgway and Russell Clayton found in a study they, more satisfied with their appearance, in Instagram pictures from more – you can say that this is a show of confidence. But on the other hand, they also show that there are more than ordinary people and not conflict between himself and the lover, for example because others focus on your lover will send in the online photos and jealous, and thus lead to controversy. So does that mean that taking photos from the Instagram will destroy the relationship? The researchers suspect that the other party may feel jealous or feel threatened when one side is constantly making some fascinating self – portraits. This may lead to a jealous over the other side of the Instagram monitor, which means they will magnify those photos of fans attention, then they may be deeper. This may lead to a more intense quarrel between lovers, deception, or break up. Although the study did not directly evaluate the surveillance, but the results of other studies have shown that monitor the lover in social media behavior and the relationship between the two in a more intense jealousy, insecurity and dissatisfaction with what kind of relationship. There may be another explanation for the damaging effects of a couple of shots from the bottom of the picture: the person who takes the picture may alienate others. For those self madman, people will be less for intimacy and spirit on their support. One reason why people might alienate self madman is they think over from the camera is a kind of narcissism. At present, Ridgway and Clayton in the study of the relevant design shows that we can not be sure that the Instagram from the bottom of the photo is really a feeling of insecurity or alienation to the lovers, and thus promote the deterioration of the relationship. But you can think of frequent self portrait may prove a potential personality, such as narcissism, which leads to a self portrait photographer from not only for their own appearance more satisfied and will send more, and the relationship between the lovers more bad. This self may feature signs of narcissism will ruin a good mood this morning is narcissistic self love, others need to transition of attention and praise, vanity, a sense of superiority, and hold an attitude towards the use of others. Narcissists’ obsession with their looks and their desire to be admired may be one reason why they are more addicted to social media and to take pictures. According to these characteristics, a study found that selfies narcissists more, but also more likely to use photo editing software or filter to make themselves more beautiful. Other studies have found a link between narcissism and self addiction.相关的主题文章: