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16 Apr

8· 12 case series top grid sentenced to the victims, to the society: an account of the port of Tianjin bombing verdict: 49 people jailed for chairman Harry pipansihuan painful lessons justice trial solemn warning: "8· 12" accident case series court record Tianjin North news: August 12, 2015 night, danger goods warehouse Tianjin port company Ruihai bang, shook the binhai. According to the State Department accident investigation group investigation report, "8· 12" accident caused a total of 165 people were killed, 8 missing, 798 injured, 304 buildings, 12428 vehicles, 7533 vehicles damaged goods container, as of December 10, 2015, the direct economic loss of RMB 6 billion 866 million yuan, is the largest since the founding of the production safety accidents. The national emblem is high, solemn court. November 7, 2016 to 9, 8· 12 accident related criminal cases, respectively, in Tianjin City, the intermediate people’s Court of and the Tianjin Binhai New Area People’s court, the first instance of the trial of the first instance of the 9 grassroots courts of the people’s Court of the people’s Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as ""). All the trial sites are deputies, CPPCC members, journalists and people from all walks of life and other observers. 9, the court shall make a judgment in accordance with the law of a series of cases. Safety evaluation agencies and Ruihai company, more than the reckless reckless with greed; the good level, according to the law of duty of the official malfeasance oversight of individual officials and even bribes, breach of privilege, lead to hidden trouble growing days and months multiplying a disaster, eventually, the relevant responsible persons imprisoned. All enterprises, the review of the agency, all public officials, are worthy of reflection, that mirror. Trial Watch: 49 people were sent to criminal defendants according to the State Department accident investigation group investigation report, "8· the direct cause of the accident is the 12" Ruihai company dangerous goods warehouse container arrived in the area south of the loss of local nitrocellulose wetting agent in high temperature drying (weather) under the influence of accelerating exothermic decomposition, heat accumulation spontaneous combustion caused by adjacent containers of nitrocellulose and other hazardous chemicals long time large area burn, lead to pile up in the area of ammonium nitrate and other hazardous chemicals explosion. The relevant departments of transportation, port, customs, maritime safety supervision, planning, and other units of the city of Tianjin and the specific staff, not conscientiously implement the relevant laws and regulations, illegal administrative licensing and project review, a serious lack of daily supervision; relevant departments and staff of dereliction of duty, breach of privilege and dereliction of duty and bribery. Eventually led to the "8· heavy casualties and property losses 12" accident. "8· 12" after the accident, according to the opinions of the State Council investigation report of the accident investigation team, in addition to a large number of responsible personnel be given disciplinary rules, and another 49 people were prosecuted for criminal liability according to law. Among them, state personnel duty crime cases 25, involving 25 people; crime Ruihai companies and other related businesses and responsibilities of personnel 2, involved 24 people. In a series of cases, the most concern is undoubtedly the Ruihai public)相关的主题文章: