The wedding of Tammy Chen beam to embalm soon before the wedding to send surprise friends (video)-stanley博士的家2

16 Apr

"The wedding of Tammy Chen beam to embalm" soon before the wedding to send surprise friends Tencent entertainment news according to Taiwan media "in the electronic newspaper" reported, Tammy Chen before the wedding, the staff checked the mask was detained in customs, the loss of 400 thousand, Tammy Chen shouted: "oh! My life is not also owe some!" Friends last night for Tammy Chen to do a single secret lie, full of rose petals and flickering candle light, also used in local discharge of new English name prefix A& T, let the bride shouted surprise, this is her maiden final "touch other male body." the clinic physician Menzerna sacrifice color strip show muscles please the bride. Showbiz friends Peter Ho Yung Hung and Chen Yidou in the star couple laughs awfully. Groom Xue Boren did not single lying, could not help but go to the girls to lie prone to join the fun, but then they drive away, it seems a little lonely. The last girl lying end, everyone gathered in the room to hide, the groom was cheated into the room, clinic several Menzerna physicians to strip him clothes, gave him a huge surprise, let him cry. The wedding in Thailand, Tammy Chen spent a total of about 12 million Taiwan dollars (about 2 million 400 thousand yuan), but are arranged by the groom. Tammy Chen Thailand wedding soon with a gift to spend 150 thousand相关的主题文章: