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16 Apr

The Russian government to lift the ban on international charter flights to Turkey, original title: the Russian government to lift the ban on Turkey charter flights to Moscow in August 28, Xinhua (reporter Luan Hai) the Russian federal government website issued 28 Russian Prime Minister Medvedev signed the resolution of the government, lift the ban on Russian flights to fly to Turkey. Prior to the Russian travel agencies mainly organized by way of charter travel to the earth, the lifting of the ban is conducive to the gradual recovery of the soil tourism. The resolution says the Russian federal government in November 30, 2015 issued a ban on Russian flights to fly to Turkey has been modified, the Russian Prime Minister instructed the Russian aviation authority and bear the charter transport task Russian Airlines to take the necessary measures to ensure flight safety and charter flights to earth. According to local media reports, was informed of the news, a number of Russian Airlines to the Russian Air Transport Bureau submitted the occasional charter flights between Turkey and Russia for the Russian aviation transportation authority is ready for approval as soon as possible and licensing. In the long run, to restore Russian soil machine for Russian tourists undoubtedly travel to Turkey, and then promote the tourism industry gradual recovery of soil. But in the last year of the Russian soil after the imposition of sanctions, Turkey is facing the threat of terrorism has intensified, and the Turkey tourist season usually at the end of the end of October each year. Therefore, Russia lifted the ban in the short term is difficult to have a significant impact on the soil related industries. In November last year, Turkey shot down a Russian fighter mission in Syria, led to the Russian Turkish Relations sudden deterioration, Russia take a series of sanctions on earth. In June this year, Turkey’s president El Putin sent a letter to the Russian fighters shot down an apology, the relations between the two countries began to thaw, Russia sanctions the phasing out of the soil. (commissioning editor: Cao Kun)相关的主题文章: