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16 Apr

People’s Daily: take our generation long road – Sohu comments we usher in a bright future of national revival, but along the way there are many new "Mountain Grassland" came across many new needs, "Lou" passes "great chain" to courageously conquer the long march of the Red Army history "belief tree" story: on the eve of the Long March, Jiangxi Rui Jinhua village 17 enrollee planted 17 pine trees, to express love of home. Still in the castle, see son GUI ", although the 17 young men were killed, but Chinese house holidays are coming to" faith tree "worship of revolutionary martyrs, to encourage children not to forget the revolutionary spirit. "Now, the times have changed, the conditions have changed, and the ideals and undertakings of the Communist Party of China have not changed". During a visit to commemorate the 80 anniversary of the victory of the long march theme exhibition, the general secretary Xi Jinping called on the mind to carry forward the great spirit of the long march of the Red Army valiant record, and continue on the new Long March, tenacious struggle, forge ahead million people united as one man. Go away and never forget the past, stick to the heart, in the struggle to create a new miracle, it is the best commemoration of the revolutionary martyrs, the best to carry forward the spirit of the long march. The victory of the long march of the Red Army has fully demonstrated the great spiritual strength of the revolutionary ideal." 80 years ago, the leadership of the Communist Party of Chinese million red army crushed the Kuomintang army besieged, overcome numerous hardships and dangers, the successful completion of a feat. The enemy’s eyes "escape Trinidad, surrounded by the subject", the Red Army into the interpretation of the most beautiful on earth "red ribbon", create a "Twentieth Century human epic". It is no wonder that the United States of America’s the Times Publishing Co, "1000," a book, the Long March will be classified as the ad between 1000 and 2000, one of the 100 important events affecting the history of mankind. The Long March, an army heroic revolutionary journey, has become a national suffering brilliant spiritual witness. Deng Xiaoping said, why should we be able to struggle out of the past in very difficult circumstances, overcome numerous difficulties and dangers to the victory of the revolution? It is because we have the ideal, the Marx doctrine, the Communist belief. Lofty ideals, strong faith, is to unite the people, inspiring great banner, is to overcome difficulties and win the source of strength. "Liverpool are not afraid of difficult Han steel, thoroughly tempered", the long march is the Communist Party and the Red Army soldiers will, courage and strength of the high concentrated burst of light moment. The ideal of communism and revolutionary victory firm faith and hard work spirit and indomitable, heroic sacrifice, the connotation of the spirit of the Long March, build the Communists spiritual palace, enrich the national spirit of the Chinese nation for the glory of the stars, beyond the self, to create a strong spiritual power to glory. "The most important embodiment of the long march is the Chinese revolutionary predecessors to insist on the ideals and beliefs, which is the largest in the long march Chinese" meaning "the success of the revolution is the first step in the Long March, the national implementation of rich, strong and prosperous and the common wealth of the people, promote national rejuvenation in the new Long March, never lax mission"…… Recently, after visiting Ruijin at the red Guzhi, deeply feel the old changes in "listen to the historical echoes, thinking)相关的主题文章: