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16 Apr

Zhuhai an overloaded dump truck driver checked drunk driving traffic police to kneel down the Sohu News Express News correspondent Chen Jie Yang Xiaojiang reported recently, the dump truck Zhuhai a driver drunk driving serious overloading on the road, the traffic police found the driver, kneeling down to beg for mercy. According to the traffic police department, this is the first time in Zhuhai. Currently, the traffic police department of the case is under further investigation. Driver Lee drunk driving operating motor vehicles, the driver’s license will be revoked according to law, within 5 years shall not apply for. According to Lee account, in the evening of September 8th, he came home after work to drink a little wine. Subsequently, he suddenly received a phone call from the boss, notify him to transport stone back to the site. That night, Zhuhai traffic police brigade is Gaolan Port area to carry out special rectification actions of drunk driving. About 8:30 in the evening, Lee driving a dump truck, loaded with large stones to the site, in a corner of the mountain island road section by the traffic police stopped to check. According to the traffic police department responsible person, Lee off, police can smell a taste. When the traffic police took out the alcohol tester to allow Lee to accept the test, Lee claimed that he had a small old, begged the police to let him go. See the police unmoved, Lee had to kneel in front of the traffic police, traffic police request to give him a chance. The police was scared, Lee immediately reached out and pulled up patiently to persuade him, Lee finally reluctantly agreed to the alcohol test, until the third was successfully tested. Alcohol tester showed alcohol content of 60mg 100ml, belonging to drunk driving. Currently, the traffic police department of the case is under further investigation.相关的主题文章: