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16 Apr

Tibet military outpost monkey patrol officers and soldiers led the way (Figure) – Sohu Military Channel text with map: Pu needle pull will patrol the monkey. There are only ordinary needle pull patrol monkeys will also patrol, as happened in the Tibet military region general needle pull post. Not long ago, the reporter in the post interview, witnessed this anecdote. On that day, patrol officers via a plateau forest, suddenly a heavy fog hit, patrol path in sight. Sergeant Yihe Zang blew a whistle up, I saw a monkey jump out from the forest, hand pulled vines, straight to jump from the air. "Keep up with it." A long whistle Yang Yang led troops followed, after half an hour, a hill sits there. Originally, this monkey is post soldiers "old friend", it is a long tail black face was pale, is said to be a leaf monkey, we named it "white". How will the monkey lead the way? It has to start with last summer. At that time, heavy rains caused landslides, soldiers on patrol found were buried in debris of the "big white", immediately it was rescued and brought back to the post treatment. The return of the "white" with the officers and soldiers established deep feelings, it looked at the whistle all eat and drink, but family home in the near post. Mention "white", Yang Shaochang as it thumbs up: it usually love follow the sentry patrol, in the course of time became a "live map" in bad weather conditions when the enemy soldiers encounter, it can accurately identify the direction for the soldiers. Saying, "white" or a warrior this Savior. A patrol at the beginning of the month in this fall at the end of the line, through a fast flowing river, he slipped accidentally fell into the water. The "white" seeing it toward the front a scream, officers and soldiers rushed into this jet will be rescued. The reporter quipped: "the end of the year. Awards, can give ‘white’ assessment of advanced, but also almost cooked meritorious service." Yang Shaochang pointed to jumping in the forest, "white" grinned: "it can’t do in Patrol attendance, but also love people steal melons, also did a lot of" illegal "!" A remark, which made everyone uproarious…… The speech, has arrived at the end point of the sentry patrol, "white" before the team a point in place. In front of it is looking around, like a real frontier guards.相关的主题文章: