Meranti typhoon caused Taiwan agricultural losses of nearly 600 million Kaohsiung’s worst – Beijing-hit5杨帆

16 Apr

"Meranti" typhoon caused Taiwan agricultural losses of nearly 600 million Kaohsiung’s worst – Beijing Chinese Taiwan network September 16th news according to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported that the strong typhoon "Meranti" hit the southern Taiwan agricultural and fishery. According to the Taiwan authorities "bottomdwelling" statistics, as of yesterday (15 days) five pm, Taiwan agricultural disaster loss has reached five hundred and ninety-three million four hundred and ten thousand yuan (NT, the same below). Which Kaohsiung suffered the most, reaching 460000000 yuan, accounting for seventy-eight percent. According to reports, damaged crops, guava was the worst hit, followed by jujube, bananas, apples and tomatoes and other food. The announcement has been for cash assistance and low interest loans in the area of Kaohsiung City, Pingtung County, Kinmen county. Taiwan authorities "bottomdwelling" said, as current statistics, in addition to Kaohsiung Pingtung county also suffered heavy losses, loss of seventy-eight million nine hundred and twenty thousand yuan, accounting for thirteen percent. Taitung County, Tainan City, Kinmen County has lost more than 10 million yuan. No major disaster areas in Changhua, Yunlin, vegetable production in Chiayi, Taoyuan and Yilan. Reported that the Taitung county two months suffered "NEPARTAK" and "Meranti" typhoon swept, Peinan, Taimali and so many orchards flooded. The county chugu county about eight hundred hectares of farm damaged, custard apple, citrus, rice and other serious injuries. The famous Taitung fruit to the July "continuous Gautama NEPARTAK", yesterday the two typhoon "Meranti", the hardest hit, just after pollination Gautama fruit more due to strong wind and serious wipe fruit. Chen said the farmer, some fruit has grown to about Gautama ping-pong ball sized "NEPARTAK" sweep expected losses, but will cause the difference between selling fruit clean appearance, lower value, more may be infected with bacteria, fruit drop. North source region atemoya output late, due to the "NEPARTAK" typhoon disaster, not easy to organize, to celebrate the pruning of shoot, and strong taiwan. Most have been bagging navel orange is high economic crops on the east coast, October will be a bumper harvest, but also because of the heavy rain may fall, cracking, farmers worried harvest than in previous years. Pingtung County Department of agriculture agricultural statistics about loss Qiqianbabaiyuwan, with the most serious damage of wax apple trees, about three hundred hectares, more than three thousand and eight hundred yuan. Followed by bananas, rice two. Due to power outages in some areas, unable to communicate, it is expected that the disaster will rise again. "Tears over the mid autumn festival!" A typhoon swept away by Qishan banana fruit 90%, helpless lament. Kaohsiung Municipal Bureau of agriculture, mainly by the record for the beauty of grapefruit, guava, dates and bananas, the beauty has more than 50% pomelo fruit. Kaohsiung cumulative agricultural area of over four thousand hectares of victimization. Qishan District Office said agriculture class, Qishan banana planting area of nine hundred hectares, two months ago was "NEPARTAK" sweep three hundred hectares, River Delta and Guangfu, Shoujinliao spared banana garden. This "Meranti" swept the three hours, damaged four hundred hectares, more serious than "NEPARTAK". (Lining, Taiwan, China)相关的主题文章: