Had been juvenile shock treatment addiction, now they become like this-追踪309

15 Apr

Had been "juvenile shock treatment" addiction, now they become like this August 2016, a more than one hundred thousand of the amount of reading the article "Yang Yongxin, a demon is still unpunished" spread in a circle of friends, will a few years ago to "shock therapy" quit addiction by the media attention Yang Yongxin back into the public eye. Chinese Youth Daily · youth online reporter interviewed some of the year received a "shock therapy" young man, who tells the story of the year and after a few years of experience. This is not a plan to elope. A small bag, stolen from the home of 4000 yuan, is all of Zhang Xutong’s property. He did not dare to bring a cell phone, he was afraid of relatives to come over, once again put him into the center of the network, room 13". In the roadside stalls to eat when he was looking for shelter, public places to find the location of the door or convenient escape, and occasionally see the car license plate in Shandong, especially in Linyi, even if you have to go around two streets. Before departure, Zhang Xu in the night market to buy a 20 cm long knife, not in the waist. He decided to take it in case he was caught. But it didn’t come to the end, even if it was just a fruit. A since 2006, more than 6000 people have been treated in the hospital. ". In 2009, the Ministry of health is a ban, stop the electric shock treatment instrument used in addiction treatment. The network center to "shock therapy" to "low frequency pulse electronic therapy". But 7 years later, there are still people who have been sent here to become the center of the network of patients". For many people, "four" is a noun a taboo. They are more willing to use "there" to replace the Fourth People’s Hospital of Shandong Province, the people’s Hospital of Internet addiction prevention center, Linyi. Zhang Xutong for the first time into the "four" is 2007, when there is not so much controversy. He played in the game all night, you can see someone on the Internet shouting "be careful you are electricity," and so on. Soon after, he was really on the phone. Parents find a few relatives forced him out of the Internet bar. The 16 year old Zhang Xu with a calm face "to kill to cut you, anyway, I will run out of" expression. He is very obedient to follow, "four" to get off a look, think "just like that? But so". Learn "shock" treatment room number 13 room. In this room, there is a white coat who said to him: "come, we do a check, check you have Internet addiction." Then, the 8 allies pressed his body to his mouth stuffed. After a "DDD" sound, a man carrying two white bars, from his brow to temples on the slide. The moment, Zhang Xutong saw a white light, similar to lightning, through the head, like two small hammer hitting the temple. He want to struggle but can not move, can only be cursed mouth. But "fuck" the last syllable has not spoken, the second round of lightning struck again. Fourth times, third times…… A voice asked (micro-blog): "curse?"" "Don’t scold." "Do you know why you’re here?" "Don’t know." The lightning in front of Zhang Xutong began to interweave. He only realized he issued a "toot" sound of the camp相关的主题文章: