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15 Apr

Niunie was broadcast as impatient: the domestic drama broadcast week embarrassing " " toothpaste; Sohu   entertainment; broadcast was tweaked as impatient: the domestic drama broadcast week embarrassing " " toothpaste; broadcasting from July 24th to November 10th, late sowing completed, because the week broadcast mode, 62 sets of "city of fantasy" on the screen and stay for 4 months! That someone in the "see" – "the end" of the news, could not help but sigh: the launch of the show is not the summer vacation? Feel the winter vacation is not far away. The same concern, is the former Hunan TV in 2017 to "close the diamond independent radio news – theater" – as "week radio drama" in an important position, launched the "Gu Jian" "bone" series of explosion models spend thousands of works of diamond independent radio theater, by viewing the increasing decline and difficult. Feel good luck hollowed out poor ratings more distrustful week radio drama embarrassment in 2016 is especially evident: on the one hand, in the Hunan satellite TV, Jiangsu, Beijing, East three TV have opened the "week theater broadcast", "old nine door" "Nine" sky city "new edge city" Prodigal Son "if the snail" love drama playing "a week to see the new model. But on the other hand, the show’s ratings basically suffered in Waterloo, in addition to "sky city" has been the topic of Kyushu is high enough, "old nine door" is hot and cold, "the new vagabondize" does not provoke any splash, "if there is breath of love" from the "snail explosion" is still. Week broadcast drama decline in the phenomenon, in the attempt to play the 5 week of the Hunan TV show more obvious. Spend heavily to build the world, and include William Feng, and Ma Tianyu, Victoria Song and other idol lineup "-", to the late broadcast TV ratings have been hovering in the top ten; with a large number of fans, the advantage of master Li Yifeng and Zhao Liying, Yang Zi and Cheng Yi’s "flow", and the advantages of beautiful picture "Qingyun Zhi", November 8th ranked ninth night…… IP works as a viewer, "Qin moon" "The Classic of the Great Wilderness" of these works, it is lukewarm. Poor ratings, poor reputation. On, "Yun Chi" score 5.7 "-" it is people can not bear to look into the fall to 3! This bleak year comparison "Gu Jian" "spend thousands of bone" myth, may be one of the reasons for the birth of the "Diamond independent radio theater canceled. At present, Hunan TV released the 2017 screen program, only more than the traditional broadcast mode of the "crisis" and "when the youth week broadcast". In this summer’s launch, the way to broadcast as a super theater, then with the diamond independent broadcast theater, quietly disappeared. Every Monday drag too long the audience can not wait to test the water from 2011, to 2014, the scenery in the year of 2016, and then to the embarrassment of the Chinese screen in the week of the play, in the end what happened to the? In an interview with AFP, an unnamed television drama purchase personnel A said small, China screen drama broadcast week "birth相关的主题文章: