Sun Yanan boarded the champion fan dance contrast adorable hey turn the audience — bursting -音羽かなで

15 Apr

Sun Yanan boarded the "champion" fan dance   contrast adorable hey turn the audience bursting — entertainment channel — in Rio Olympic Games this year, 24 year old Sun Yanan only 54 seconds to beat the opponent, won the women’s freestyle 48 kg bronze medal, which is the China wrestling team won in the in the Olympic Games the first medal. After the end of the game, Sun Yanan for the first time arrived in Rio throughout the recording of Zhejiang TV "Chinese champion fan", referring to the game, Sun Yanan not without regret, but more confidence to the old rival noborisaka painted Lili afternoon: "the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, if you encounter, I will beat you!" The goddess N wrestling fan and mix dance arena Sun Yanan contrast adorable bursting with strong and brave and never boarded the stage "Chinese champion fan" Sun Yanan dressed in a white dress collocation neat black, black hat, directly turned into a playful spirit charming fashion. Though the appearance is the goddess, but Sun Yanan ‘s is a very down to earth’s northeast adorable girl. Sun Yanan met with Liaoning is the hometown of Liu Wei, who was booing to perform a song and dance duet, thought the goddess will feel shy situation, but did not think Sun Yanan did not stage fright mouth to sing, very fit together with Liu Wei staged a Rio stage, is also the Northeast girl Frank Chang is most incisive. After the feature of his hometown of song and dance duet, Liu Wei was not a success, then he played as a soul dancer’s strong charm, directly took Sun Yanan together enjoyed the dance, and we also got the goddess sing the song and dance duet, jump got sexy dance, hot wave directly detonated the enthusiasm of the audience, the audience turned a hi. Sun Yanan claimed the optimistic forgetfulness of Tokyo Olympic Games: Tosaka Eri will defeat you shout! Every athlete’s occupation career will face many severe test, Sun Yanan is no exception, had lost the trough, there have been injured during the recovery period, but Sun Yanan has said she never give up, always insist on. I am more optimistic and cheerful, bad mood will not be long, just a few seconds. Remind yourself of your dreams and goals and work towards your dreams!" While talking about the Rio Olympic Games, Sun Yanan is full of regret, but more domineering that "have the confidence to make up the regret", directly noborisaka painted Lili afternoon to old rivals at the scene: "the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, if you encounter, I will beat you!" So what Frank Sun Yanan optimistic which will have wonderful performance in the program? 21:40 tonight, Zhejiang satellite TV, "China champion fan", let us look forward to! (commissioning editor Jiang Bo and Li Yan)相关的主题文章: