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15 Apr

The courier company staff will be wrapped in a computer with a brick indicted – Sohu stole the mobile phone news package was not found, courier company employees and Zhang Xiaodong SA wrapped in computer replaced two bricks. In November 8th, surging news reporter from the Shanghai Jiading District people’s Procuratorate, recently, the suspect, Zhang Xiaodong SA by the procuratorate prosecution for alleged embezzlement. Courier company employees use bricks to replace the computer according to the procuratorate, a courier company driver Zhang Xiaodong said to buy a new mobile phone in the way, peer unloader SA said: "in the time of digital products, take a trip, do not have to buy." So, in a process of transportation of digital products, two people open the truck door, Zhang Xiaodong insured items from the truck stacked with two small box, opened it, two boxes each with a mobile phone. He will be one of the more than 3000 yuan worth of mobile phones and chargers to take out, and then re packaged box back into the truck. Back to the company, they do not happen when something happens, according to the normal operation of the process. Later, the company found that the goods less, that is just a normal loss, and no further investigation. A few months later, in the SA distribution site for cargo handling, scanning items found in one package with a value of 5700 yuan. Look at the price and size of SA goods packaging, speculation should be inside a laptop computer. He and Zhang Xiaodong together again, quietly will the package hidden in the cab, then wrapped in the computer into two bricks, and the box package with a good package, Zhang Xiaodong in the side of lookout. In the truck near the courier, Zhang Xiaodong put the car to stop on the company outside of the flower beds, the computer with clothes wrapped in SA, a motorcycle to take the computer to go home. Look at sa a computer in the bag, Zhang Xiaodong will also be a computer to steal back home. They thought they could escape legal sanctions. In fact, the courier company had to detect and report, the public security organs shortly after an investigation, the suspect Sha Min and Zhang Xiaodong arrest. Finally, the suspect and SA Zhang Xiaodong by the Jiading District people’s Procuratorate prosecution for alleged embezzlement. Express car unattended repeatedly theft not only express staff embezzlement, and district residents pilfering. According to the Jiading District people’s Procuratorate, for a period of time in the same district, courier companies in a number of courier delivery courier delivery suffered encounter. Through surveillance video, police will express multiple theft area residents Zhang Lin arrested. Zhang Lin said, one day he was driving the car battery to stroll in the District, he saw a full delivery of the electric tricycle parked in the area around the entrance of the unit, but does not see the courier, his heart or evil, reaching from the car and stole a courier, apart and found that there is a chain, he the other things with the box be thrown into the bushes, and then driving the electric car to leave. When the courier sent back to the courier, found on the electric tricycle courier delivery in less than a courier, immediately contact the owner of Mr. Liu, two相关的主题文章: