Lin 峯 push the new song hot MV and hybrid beauty show figure (video)-stellarium

15 Apr

Raymond Lam push the new song hot MV and hybrid beauty big figure [Abstract] for the preparation of the new album, following the soulful works of the "bystander sad", and then the new song "The Feelin’" debut. A song full of hot party feeling Mandarin dance fast song, Raymond Lam in the summer, carefully for the fans concocted a gift. Raymond Lam (Lin & #23791;) sing "weizifu" ending – guard in preparation for the new album Tencent entertainment news, Raymond Lam following the works of "the spectator" after the sad feeling, another new song "The Feelin’". A song full of hot party feeling Mandarin dance fast song, Raymond Lam in the summer, carefully for the fans concocted a gift. Today, Raymond Lam and actress Samantha MV jointly appeared in Repulse Bay The Pulse of LF Feelin’Good, "Raymond Lam Vibes" premiere, as the media to send hot MV I personally deconstruction of the style of the song, he said: "I put the same composer ah Gen, hope to have a summer feeling the song" The Feelin’ "is tailor-made for me, although I have sung many songs, but the" The Feelin’"in the genre and the rhythm is unique, go to the American style, this kind of fast songs in the market is rare, is a bold attempt, so in the interpretation and even singing, I and the team spent a lot of time and effort to find out the effect of now, we are very satisfied." "The Feelin’" belongs to a summer song, there is a kind of summer atmosphere. MV screen, of course, the sun, beaches, yachts and beautiful summer elements. This time, the director arranged for only 19 year old Chinese American hybrid cable model Samantha participate in MV shooting. When the temperature reached more than and 30 degrees, the director and the team almost heat to heat stroke, plus Raymond Lam in front of the camera body to remove the vest, a big show of perfect figure dressed in sexy swimsuit and Samantha, it will further enhance the temperature field. Different from the former to sweat in response to a midsummer dance song, song try tempo in response to high temperature; bold lyrics cater to the heatwave; clean interpretation of the release of passion, feeling like to invite you to a pool party, music together, all like a dip in the pool in the same dance and enjoy the fun. The body cool mood Carnival experience. Raymond Lam said with the theme of the song, MV will have a lot of activities on the water screen, let cool cool visual synchronization. Raymond Lam admitted: "The Feelin’" is his own as a singer, the most happy shot of the MV, the mood seems to go on vacation more than start. Completed in May after the concert weight has rebounded, but has been keeping fitness, so do not be too deliberately for the MV to strengthen the body exercise usually said is enough to satisfy the figure does not take shape." At the same time it has always attached great importance to environmental protection Raymond Lam also hope everyone to enjoy MV the beautiful people beautiful scene than to remember the conservation of the ecological environment, said: "I have a lot of years have not been to the beach to swim, not because when the artist is afraid to go to the public:相关的主题文章: