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15 Apr

Henan, a 27 year old son suspected matricide deceived into MLM organization temperament changes – a village in Beijing Jiyuan murder occurred, the victim’s 27 year old son of a major crime suspects wanted by the police. Some villagers said that the adopted son of the elderly deceived into MLM organization after a personality change, the whole people didn’t look normal Henan Daily reporter Cheng Shipei 27 year old Zhao Kaikai (a pseudonym) suspected of killing her mother. 27 years ago in the early autumn, the mother in the home near the farm will raise him back; 27 years later in September, the mother lying in a pool of blood on the wound up to more than and 70. Zhao Kaikai was found guilty of a major crime suspects, then wanted. [], 61 year old woman was killed in a body of 77 knife in Jiyuan City Dong Guo roadside, there is a shortage of 300 households in the village, in this small village, each household door has a flower and vine. After the accident, the whole village was quiet. "We were on the morning of September 9th, at about ten o’clock, and Li Xiaoran was found dead." Nearby villagers uncle Wah (a pseudonym) said, on the morning of the gate of the Li Xiaoran family did not open, ten o’clock, Zhao Kaikai’s uncle called to send moon cake, but do not open the door, so to help find people on the wall. The villagers Uncle De (a pseudonym) with the help of others climbed up the wall, the wall scene let him unforgettable: there is a large pool of blood in front of the Westinghouse yard. Then they climbed into the yard to see, 61 year old Lee small dye bloodbath, badly mutilated, not breathing. Li Xiaoran 88 year old mother also fell, the body was cut off, but there are still conscious, repeated in his mouth: "small dye is not, is open." "I really don’t know why he is so ruthless, cut his mother a few dozen knives." Zhao Kaikai his aunt said, forensic said, Li Xiaoran’s injury 44, injured 33, "his home kitchen knife cut. That’s too bad. We don’t even look at it." The villagers recalled that he had been working to earn money to give the son of the police wanted to be posted in the village of poles. But Li Xiaoran could not return in any case, which gave her a good neighbor is very sad. The neighbor said, Li Xiaoran’s two daughters are married, usually she is a person in his family’s two acres of crops, "slack, she also took time to work, earn 50 yuan a day of hard money, earn money for her son by the." Some time ago, Li Xiaoran also asked neighbors to help his son find a wife, I did not expect her to die in the hands of the son." "Small often do not go home, two days ago to see his mother riding a car to find him." A villager said, who would have thought that such a little time, this tragic thing happened. "He often goes out and goes home without money." His aunt Zhao Kaikai said, "his mother earned money to him, he had no money to take anything out of the house to sell. Home of the 5 electric vehicles, 3 sets of computer and some pots and pans, were he sold." Insiders said cheated into MLM organization to make her son great temperament change.相关的主题文章: