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15 Apr

Zhang Yimou, deputy Xichuan Zang "" Busan guide donors by award content pain exposing humanity by Xichuan entertainment Sohu Zang realistic works for the Busan Film Festival "" the donor   Sohu; entertainment news (Harbin maiwen) Busan Film Festival this year, the theme of "reality of Zang Xichuan donors" the main competition finalists competing for the Sina award tide. The film is aimed at the slums of the big cities. A group of people, they live in the city elevated railway surrounding old buildings or shacks, every day listening to the sound of Lang Lang train, thinking about how to make money to live a better life. Yang is one of them, once the retired workers, now living in a broken house, opened a motorcycle repair shops, maintain a three life, son about the college entrance examination, the wife often scolded him is not to earn money. The film hero Yang maishen decided to change   one day, Yang saw the garage on the wall for kidney small ads, decided to change maishen. The other is a middle-aged Lee boss, love his sister, do not want her to die, has been able to find a kidney to find a more than a year. Yang became his straw, after the hospital, but also just to a few points with a very rare chance. Yang without telling his wife and son to sell the kidney, got three hundred thousand. The family seems to be relaxed, wife as he is planning the future of life. "I’ll give you a big garage. When my son went to college, I stayed at home and waited on you every day." But the fate of the people, this is not the end of the kidney. Because of the adverse effects of kidney transplantation, Lee’s sister is even worse. Lee boss find Yang, want to use his son’s kidney. Of course, Yang refused. The boss and the son of Yang Li from the start, to give him a few million, and promised to send him to school in the United states. Son think he has eighteen years old, can be themselves, know the truth of the reason he and Yang as simple. "You can carry me and my mom maishen, why can’t I? I’m doing this for you and me to live a better life." In order to protect their families, Lee boss hope sister live. Yang hope after his son to have a normal life. Lee boss is a strong side, polite, money, threatening and use. Yang is a weak one, only beg, finally are ineffective, choose some extreme ways. Yang son go to extremes in order to end the film by showing the China maishen social reality and absurdity. The greatest happiness of the poor is that they have no money, and everyone wants to live a rich life like everyone else. The biggest lust for life, therefore, they are the most powerful means is money. But regardless of the poor and rich, the essence of human nature is the same, that is selfish. Everyone wants to protect the most important person around him, when the contradiction can not be reconciled, the evil side of human nature to show up. The film reveals maishen through the gap between rich and poor and selfishness of human nature Zang Xichuan (Zang Qiwu) 1996 admitted to the director of the Shanghai Theater Academy majoring in acting and theatre director professional cadres. In 1998, he was admitted to Beijing Film Academy. 1999 began to work,相关的主题文章: