The discovery of new species of flat cranial region of Sichuan pika Tangjiahe Natural Reserve (map)-小坂めぐる

15 Apr

The discovery of new species in Sichuan District Tangjiahe Natural Reserve: flat cranial pika (map) original title: "new species" Tangjiahe Nature Reserve: flat skull flat skull pika pika Tangjiahe Nature Reserve for October 31st, the Chengdu Daily reporter learned from the Tangjiahe Nature Reserve, the local had discovered a new species named the "flat skull pika", the species with a narrow distribution range, the population is small, and no less than Yili pika. It is reported that the flat skull pika, Lagomorpha Ochotonidae, membership, Ochotonidae, different subgenus ochotona. "We do not know the specific number of pikas in the local, but certainly very little." Sichuan Academy of forestry, vice president Liu Shaoying told reporters that the research team in 2007 for the first time to capture the flat skull pika, after went five or six times, a total of only captured 5. Relevant responsible person said, in fact the Tangjiahe Nature Reserve, the so-called "new species of flat skull pika" this animal, in fact before the Tangjiahe Nature Reserve exists, but has not been found by human activities, while the current field in mammalian species in the discovery of new species is extremely rare. However, information about the living conditions of the flat skull Pika is not fully understood, and further detailed study. Source: Chengdu Chinese commercial news reporter Wang Chao Save Save editor: Wu Yan相关的主题文章: