Women afraid to marry the wrong Lang Shandong Heilongjiang TV broadcast Yan Xuejing incarnation insp-下北glory days

15 Apr

"Women are afraid to marry the wrong Lang" Deng Shandong Heilongjiang TV incarnation of Yan Xuejing inspirational sister Beijing – "women are afraid to marry the wrong Lang" TV premiere conference held today, actor Zhao Jun plays an insane husband in the play. Beijing Beijing, September 8 Xinhua (reporter Ma Haiyan) by Lin peace as a screenwriter and director, actor Yan Xuejing, Zhao Jun, Lin Jiachuan, Wang Hongmei, etc., to our country starring inspirational comedy "women are afraid to marry the wrong Lang" will be broadcast on Shandong TV and Heilongjiang TV prime time on September 13th. The play premiered conference held today, the actress tells take rural comedy experience that scene is full of joy. This play is also the peaceful forest transformation by screenwriter director debut. Lin said that peace, each industry has its own distress, screenwriter, the industry’s troubles like their own children have no right to raise. "I when the director is to the right to speak, I want to shoot out consistent from beginning to end their intentions, never let your script script make aliasing, wonderful plot and exquisite design, lively and vivid to show to the audience, let the audience see an interesting, fun and emotional work." The play is about rural daughter-in-law blue moon (Yan Xuejing), a young miss love, marry a dutiful, alcoholic husband (Lang Dashu Zhao Junshi). The two farm business failure, Lang tree city to do business, by high school classmate Qu Ping cheated money, on the back of 450 thousand legal debt. The blue moon intends to divorce, but her husband, mother-in-law hemiplegia debt, let her not to cross the threshold, she finally won through hard work, career and fortune, to establish a new image of modern rural women. From the TV series "in" "women" to "energy-saving" "in the era of the Three Kingdoms" and last year hit TV series "anniang Tian grass", Yan Xuejing’s character is a rural sister-in-law to viewers, which is why the director Lin starred the peace enabled her. In the "River" children "happy beautiful blooming" "Confucius" and other works of outstanding actor Zhao Jun who plays blue husband Lang tree, in the play is not a wine color, remain in a proper sphere, irascible man. Zhao Jun said that such a "no tune" role, is a great challenge to their own. He and Yan Xuejing are good friends in life, this cooperation is the two cooperation of all the drama of her torture the most ruthless once. In addition, the son of Lin Jiachuan as the blue forest peace brother in the play. For his father’s play if there is pressure on this issue, Lin Jiachuan said already used, is familiar in the drama scenes and Yan Xuejing. (end)相关的主题文章: