Focus on the new technology application of the global entertainment venues – Sohu Entertainment-高达08ms小队

15 Apr

The application of new technology on global venues – Sohu entertainment fourteenth Chinese International Entertainment Technology Forum held in Beijing in August 31st, with "performing venues using new technology" as the theme of the fourteenth session of Chinese International Entertainment Technology Forum held in Beijing Royal hotel. From the domestic and foreign theater troupe, performing venues, architectural design agencies, performing arts equipment companies, designers, managers, technical personnel, and related art research, professional college teachers and students, such as more than 200 ginseng. 8 experts from China, Germany, South Korea and the United states. Guests attending the Forum: cultural science and technology division of the Ministry of culture, Sun Ruofeng, China Entertainment Technology Association Director Zhu Village Association vice chairman, deputy director of the Ministry of Culture Industry Secretary Xie Rui, vice chairman of the German Association of theater technology Gabriele · Huo Gebo (Dr. Gabriele Hö GG), vice president of the Brazil professional audio lighting and the music industry association Daniel · (Daniel Neves), neve, senior researcher at the Security Center Theater of Korea testing laboratory (Jeong-Sik Yoo), Liu Zhengzhi Meyer Sound CEO John Maier (John Meyer)? SBS, the German company CEO Christian? Fulimile (Christian Freimü ller), Chinese Stage Arts Association vice president Zhou Zhengping, Miao Peiru Association, deputy director of the performance venues equipment Specialized Committee Liu Dean, Yu Jian etc.. The forum was jointly organized by Chinese Entertainment Technology Association and the British man Exhibition Co. Ltd., Beijing science and technology "magazine," performing arts venues equipment Specialized Committee contractors association. Vice president of China Performing Arts Equipment Technology Association, the performing arts magazine president and chief editor of the bear hosted forum. Zhu Xincun, chairman of China performing arts equipment technology association. He said in his speech, the forum of the application of new technology in the theme of the performing arts venues, the development of pulse current quasi entertainment technology, combined with the status quo of domestic venues development and technology, fully reflects the forward-looking, high-end and practicality. Multi functional theater to meet the needs of the two or three line of the city, will be a professional theater, Tourism Performing Arts Theater and other long-term coexistence. Chinese Entertainment Technology Association as the science and Technology Service Association, to guide and support the development of industry technology as its mission, hope that the forum discussion can be beneficial to trade and technological exchanges, boost technological progress and demand for the art of performing arts. The culture of science and Technology Department of the Ministry of culture secretary Sun Ruofeng said in his speech, performing arts venues in China is an important part of modern public cultural service system construction, I wish the forum brought enlightenment to the development of theater, stage construction technology, to promote the development of multifunctional theater facilities and cultural prosperity of the art of China. In the next to the "efforts to enhance the level of equipment of culture of our country as the theme of the speech, sun Refeng described in detail in the" China manufacturing strategic national programme of action 2025 "under the promotion of cultural equipment system in the next few years the Ministry of culture will focus on the implementation of the.相关的主题文章: