Follow the TV game to find his wife cheated 4 consecutive College Students-stanley博士的家2

10 Apr

Find a wife cheated TV game students continuously follow in the 4 TV series "smiled very little" hit, many people addicted to playing games in love, Zhang is one of the college students in Nanjing. When playing the game is also in the game to find a wife, like a TV show like a happy ending. But the actual result is that he repeatedly sent money to his wife, after being cheated 4 times to know when, for which he owed more than $4000 in debt. November 28th, Guanghua Road police station received students Zhang alarm, said to be the game’s wife cheated more than 4000 yuan. It turned out that the police Zhang Xiao is a university student, in August of this year, Zhang saw a TV series, inside the game to find the story of his wife is very envious. He also follow the television drama, in the game looking for female friends. After more than a month of emotional training, a female player was Zhang touched, promised to become the wife of Zhang game. With the passage of time, Zhang spent more and more money in the game, and the relationship with the game’s wife is getting closer and closer. When the time is ripe, Zhang to the micro signal to the other side, the other side is also very readily agreed, the relationship between the two sides would go from game to reality. Zhang via WeChat chat that the other is college students, but also looks very outstanding, on the other side of the circle of friends to see a number of other Zhang Zhang self. The story of the TV staged in the reality step by step, Zhang can not be excited. In November, Zhang promised each other formal communication requirements, Zhang told her name and Zhang Qianqian, as in Nanjing, to test for a period of time and he will formally meet Xiao Zhang. In November 20th, Zhang Qianqian received WeChat information, said he had a car accident, Zhang anxious like ants on a hot pan, Zhang Qianqian told need to pay 1000 yuan for medical expenses, they did not have any extra money, reminds me of my husband. Zhang erhuamoyue by WeChat turned 1000 yuan to Zhang Qianqian, when asked to go to the hospital to see if, say they have relatives in Qianqian not convenient. Although Zhang disappointed but still cared for by WeChat wife, the next few days repeatedly asked Zhang Qianqian to medical expenses, Xiao Zhang is looking for students in 3, and turned 3200 yuan after he began to feel wrong, repeatedly asked her to the hospital, but did not expect the other party actually pull themselves into black. Later, Zhang on the game looking for each other, the other user name has been canceled, at this time, he knew that met a liar. Currently, Zhang can only provide the other side of the game number and micro signal, simply can not provide the true name of the other party. According to the information provided by the police Zhang, actively carry out investigation work.相关的主题文章: