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10 Apr

The owner of the toilet car slipped downhill unmanned state hit passers-by original title: the owner of the toilet car missing injured people do not know is their own car pedestrian crash site ride Hualong network September 24th 10:50 news recently, Nanping West Road Chongqing Nan’an District occurred with painful accident, a car was running the red light is injured by two passers-by zebra, but the vehicle was in the eyes of all the anger did not stop but move. However, more surprising is that the police after receiving the alarm – two minutes later, at the same place, someone called a car stolen, what the hell is this? Police retrieved surveillance video: the scene at the crossroads, the vehicle straight direction is red, but the sidewalk is green, the vehicle suddenly accelerated and hit two pedestrians crossing the street, a pedestrian to minor injuries, another is more serious. After wounding, the vehicle did not stop, but straight ahead. A hit and run accident, the crowd was both surprised and indignant, everybody side side to save the phone call the police. At this point, 110 command center and received the same location of another alarm call, the owner said someone stole a parked car in the street. Police learned that the alarm because people were anxious to go to the toilet, he parked the car on the road opposite the WAL-MART, and then go to the toilet. It was just a few minutes. When I came back, I found the car was gone. Subsequently, the police in front of a location, there are four or five hundred meters away, to find this car, the car hit the road along the inclined, parked on the side of the road. According to the investigation along a number of surveillance video, the police finally realized that the original car injured two people turned out to be unmanned state. After analyzing the police, vehicles parked on the ramp on the road, the owner was too anxious to go to the toilet, the handbrake not fully tightened, so will cause the vehicle to decline along the slope. Finally, Nan’an District Traffic and patrol police found throughout the pedestrian accidents all of the responsibility by the car owners responsible for compensation, two injured. Downhill like this, it’s too dangerous! Nan’an District Traffic and patrol police reminder: Chongqing road slope bends, the driver in the park, we must pay attention to pull the handbrake to prevent slipping, and stop to observe the scene, don’t stop on the slope, to try to find a flat place call. Editor: Zhang Xiaoya相关的主题文章: