[China sports newspaper] competition color mix 3 string 1 Storck victory in sight 1926年属相�

26 Nov

[quote] Chinese lottery SMG mixed 3 Series 1: Storck winning Waterford VS Storck Waterford round home court beat Leicester City, nearly two home court all win, the team state is significantly warmer. The city of Storck on the home court round lost to Bournemouth, suffered their first losing nearly seven round league since. The two teams last season had two times against the respective win on the road, the two teams equal. His index is about 2.29, the home team to win confidence, does not reflect the winning streak. The city of Storck is expected to win away. Recommendation: Kniss VS Busty negative Kniss round away win streak to Saint Etienne, recently. Bastia on wheel home court against Montpelier, nearly six league games have not won the League straight down. The attack is relatively limited, but every game. The total score of 2, nearly ten times the two teams clash played four times, nice nearly ten games played two times, Bastia nearly ten games played at a time. Nice good attack, optimistic about the total number of goals 2 hit. Recommendation: 2 Milan international inter VS Fiorentina last round draw away AC Milan, nearly two rounds of League no losses, the state gradually improved. On Florence a round away game four ball victory over Empoli, nearly six league games without defeat, winning all three away. The two teams clash in the past the outcome of each other, and the second season, inter Fiorentina lost all four, this is not consistent with the two teams. His index is about 2.04, the Nerazzurri should win. Recommendation: recommended Betting: Waterford wins negative × nice 2× inter wins. (Pan Jiayuan)

[中国体彩报]竞彩混合3串1:斯托克胜利在望   沃特福VS斯托克   沃特福德上轮主场击败莱切斯特城,近两个主场全部取胜,球队状态明显回暖。斯托克城上轮主场负于伯恩茅斯,遭遇近七轮联赛以来的首场失利。上赛季两队有过两次交锋,结果各自在客场取胜,可见两队实力相当。主胜指数约为2.29,对主队取胜信心不足,没有体现出主队连胜的状态。斯托克城有望客场告捷。推荐:负   尼斯VS巴斯蒂   尼斯上轮客场击败圣埃蒂安,近期连胜不断。巴斯蒂亚上轮主场战平蒙彼利埃,近六轮联赛没有胜绩,联赛排名直线下滑。两队攻击力相对有限,但是基本每场比赛都有斩获。总进球数2,两队近十次交锋打出四次,尼斯近十场比赛打出两次,巴斯蒂亚近十场比赛打出一次。尼斯攻击力不错,看好总进球数2打出。推荐:2   国米VS佛罗伦   国际米兰上轮客场战平AC米兰,近两轮联赛没有败绩,状态逐渐好转。佛罗伦萨上轮客场四球大胜恩波利,近六轮联赛没有败绩,三个客场则全部取胜。过往交锋两队互有胜负,而近两个赛季,国际米兰四战佛罗伦萨全部告负,这与两队实力并不相符。主胜指数约为2.04,对蓝黑军团应可取胜。推荐:胜   推荐投注单:沃特福负×尼斯2×国米胜。(潘佳元)相关的主题文章: