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21 Nov

Just a microwave oven to make N a delicious roast sweet potato lead: to eat sweet potato full season once a year. Whether it is home to a lot of sweet potato Tun, was filled with a high streets and back lanes of sweet fragrance, are so addictive! The high nutritional value of sweet potatoes, at this time will be highly favored. Occasionally want to eat baked sweet potato and do not want to go out, then do it at home! As long as a microwave oven, you can also make a clean and delicious baked sweet potato oh! (source: StyleMode Chinese network     Author: Sara) concerned about the public number, there are cavity tune, see more exciting original content! Baked sweet potato material: a sweet potato, toilet paper, water, microwave oven 1, the sweet potato will be put aside after cleaning. 2, in the surface of the sweet potato poured water and then wrapped with tissue paper, and then spray a water. 3, sweet potatoes into the microwave oven can be cooked! In fact, in addition to baking, doing so, is also very good oh! Sweet potato slice material: sweet potato, honey, Mei Zi powder, oven or microwave oven, oil 1, will wash the sweet potatoes cut into very thin slices of sweet potato. 2, the sweet potato slices brush with honey, sweet and sour taste love friends and plum powder is a good choice. 3, in the pan oiled sweet potato slices can be baked. Sweet potato sweet potato yogurt yogurt is fermented with fresh milk with sweet potato and sweet potato yogurt, special fragrance of sweet potato, but also increased the yogurt, cellulose, vitamins and trace elements, reduce fat content. Material: sweet potato, yogurt, Guo Gan 1, will be cooked peeled peeled out. 2, stir into sweet potato after the bowl in the spare. 3, in a bowl with the prepared yogurt, dried fruit and began to eat! Sweet potato: sweet potato, glutinous rice balls material, 1 sugar, sweet potato and cut into small pieces placed in a microwave oven cooked, mashed 2, add a little sugar and glutinous rice flour to uniform 3, made of small balls, into the pan fried until 4, crisp outside soft inside can be fried sweet potato cake material: sweet potato, carrot, green vegetables, beans, salt, pepper 1, sweet potatoes are cooked into sweet potato paste. 2, green vegetables, carrots, beans mixed with seasonings to taste, then pour into the sweet potato Chengdu stir well. 3, and then do a sweet potato dish with a spoon to scoop up Chengdu to put the oil in the frying pan fry pan, you can enjoy.相关的主题文章: