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20 Nov

Bus driver disappeared? Heavy rain on the back of the old man on the train (Figure) – Chongqing Channel – People’s original title: bus driver Zha disappeared? The heavy rain man on the train back disability (Figure) 203 kind driver Li Qi Chongqing Evening News: "I got up and saw the driver disappeared, wondering when he back up a passenger, who is at the grey-haired disabled elderly. I’m still thinking that the driver is going to be affected. What’s the big rain going to do?……" This Thursday, a netizen called the scarecrow, he took the 203 bus passing through Huafu Road, the driver back an old man on the train. However, at the end of the net posts, the attitude of the big change, and praised the driver. What’s going on here? Yesterday, the Chongqing evening news reporter through the 203 dispatch room, see the day surveillance video: 23 days around 2 pm, the bus traveling to China Station Fu Road, 203 driver Li Qi suddenly came to the front door, bent down to a disabled disabled elderly back car, and put him in the front row distance the driver’s seat until recently, continue to drive. Passengers up and down, each to a site, Li Qi will look at this old man. The Yuqing Temple Station, the old man stood up trembling. Li Qi immediately pulled the handbrake, took the old man to help him walking stick. Get off the door step, Li Qi took the old man to get off, and finally return to the car to the old man put down the Yellow bags. Chongqing evening news reporter found that the old man to get off the video, vaguely heard an aunt said: "good!" The scarecrow wrote in the net posts at the end: when I saw it again, I think he is good, not in the. Such a young man deserves praise! This year 26 year old Li Qi opened the bus for 4 years. He said, because the day to see the elderly mobility, so get up and help. Chongqing evening news reporter contacted the Chongqing public transportation Co., Ltd., the relevant person in charge of mr.. He said, Li Qi is a four-star company driver, "the driver of thousands, but only about 100 of the four star driver." Li Qi said, I have a female colleague, Chongqing evening news has reported that live in the villa open BMW, but she was willing to do bus drivers. I think about the same as her, is really like this job, do not feel boring. I am very proud to help others, and I love the warm feeling between people." Chongqing evening news reporter Hao Yao, chief reporter Ran Wen photography reports (commissioning editor: Qin Jie, Zhang?)相关的主题文章: