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19 Nov

Children in the newly renovated rooms susceptible to leukemia? Sohu maternal and child in the newly renovated room children susceptible to leukemia? Wen Xu says these days and Paul for the new house to check things arguing. From the end of April to begin renovation until the end of July November has now completed renovation, ventilation for more than three months. Paul some can not wait to live in a new home, feel that their materials are the best, but not much paint at home, basically no taste. He believes it is appropriate to live in. I have several times to go to the other side of the house there is a sense of taste is not large, but also the idea of Shun Paul, mid November occupancy. Can occasionally see a message that the children live in the newly renovated house easily get leukemia. Instantly the whole person is in a bad mood. In the middle of the night and Paul to discuss, as far as possible late, and more ventilation for two months, by the end of the better. Paul said I think too much, for instance in the area who a child was a year old not lived, where there are so many heresies. I know how much Paul would like to live in a new home, grievances will live for six months he has long been tired of living in the new home, then he can do what he wants to do. And now the space is too small, very narrow, do what is not convenient. Not only he does not adapt, I also want to get out of the environment. Can not worry about the child’s adaptation in the face of it, the new house renovation of the child’s adult health have certain hidden dangers. There are a variety of pollutants in the air, formaldehyde, benzene and other chemicals, I am afraid of the child’s physical and mental damage. So I just want to get the attention of Paul, two months of ventilation. Case 1: before I read a post, said a two-year-old child’s parents to take him to play with relatives, because the house is a newly renovated relatives. After 5 days of the child suddenly had a fever, after the treatment, the parents did not care too much, and then because the parents to go out and was sent to the relative, a total of 15 days. When parents pick up the kids again I found that the child was bleeding, to the hospital after actually got acute lymphoblastic leukemia. The doctor said the disease can not be ruled out in the new premises caused by. Case two: there is a friend of her husband married for 09 years, the home is just a simple hit, for the door, wardrobe, floor. Can live in the new house shortly after she became pregnant, 10 years children born smoothly, at the beginning of 11 children can be good times don’t last long, suddenly have a fever, to the hospital examination found that children of white blood cell index surprisingly high, the doctor determine the child may be leukemia. Friends quickly contacted the testing agency, found that although the home has been renovated for two years, can still be excessive formaldehyde. Six month old child suffering from acute non lymphatic leukemia, so that the moment the collapse of the house. Case three: in mid April 2015, Zhangjiagang of a 7 year old twins suffering from a rare disease, "the 7 year old toothless body, no sweat……" After the birth of two children have been a high fever, go to the hospital after the diagnosis of congenital absence of sweat glands disease. Because the child has been working in the paint factory, found that the time has been three months pregnant. The pollution caused by paint is very much y相关的主题文章: