All the decoration and bag check! Quzhou City Housing Authority to interpret the new deal dnf商人吧

19 Nov

All the decoration and bag check! Quzhou City Housing Construction Bureau interpretation of the new deal next month, the province’s cities, counties and cities in the central area of the transfer or allocation of new residential land, the full implementation of the entire renovation and finished delivery, to encourage the full implementation of the full renovation of residential construction. This means that the future of the public to buy a new house, to see is no longer the original blank room, but the whole renovation of the house. For the majority of property buyers in Quzhou, this change is subversive, ordinary people hold this view? Recently, the reporter randomly of 25 people conducted a field investigation, results show that there are 14 respondents said that as long as the material of environmental protection, excellent quality, they are willing to pay. But there are a lot of respondents worried: who will oversee the decoration? Who is the quality of the final say? A sound as long as the quality is good, willing to pay the bill earlier this month, Champs Elysees urban residential property owners Xu Fei decoration new premises be accomplished. Decoration five months, are tired into a dog." Xu Fei a loan to buy a house, select the construction team decoration. "To a small nail, floor drain, large tiles, furniture, must Qinliqinwei, goods than three, the decoration is really tired!" Xu Fei said. Xu Fei said, if the decoration of the house quality is no problem, she also happy when "shuaishouzhanggui". Compared to Xu Fei, the small part of the public has quite a lot of decoration. Where is the personality? Who checks the process? Quality who said the count? There is no warranty? In particular, pipelines, wires and other hidden engineering quality problems, can not see, can not be sloppy." Xiao Yu suggested that the formation of a professional, relevant departments and experts, as well as representatives of the third representatives of the owners of the building area, the quality of decoration decoration, so that consumers can buy, buy at ease. Voice two can resolve the public decoration last week, live in the city of double water bridge community Mary, moved back home to stay. "I was mad, the sound of a drill head, would break." Mary said, this month the neighbors began to decorate, the day did not dare to go home. Mary said, "bag" in some big city already became popular, he is also looking forward to this. Yang moved 7 years ago, the family, I was the first decoration and occupancy of the building." Yang admitted that in recent years, as a neighbor of public decoration. He has deep experience, but because of the sensibilities can only endure. These days, Xiao Yang has been paying attention to reports of the whole renovation, "the new deal is very exciting, but the love of the Chinese cabbage turnip, hope home style not across the board." My site I call the shots, "I really worry about the wrong home, but also do not know the silly three!" "After 85" Chen filed decoration near the ground, grudgingly. Chen think, the market should have the choice, not to engage across the board, there is no choice, buy and sell too. The same is the 85 after Ding Ding, last year, in the area of the city’s parents to buy a set of housing renovation. At the beginning of this year, she and her husband happily to Shoufang, "the first feeling pushed open the door, like into the parents’ home, especially brown furniture and chandeliers, really can not accept." Ding Ding told him that he was preparing to find a professional home improvement company, the demolition of the demolition, the change for the. To this end, Ding Ding did not hesitate to vote against the whole decoration. Loans to buy a house is already under pressure.相关的主题文章: