Geely vision SUV listing today 8.09-10.39 million helmet怎么读

19 Nov

Geely vision SUV this pre-sale listing 8.09-10.39 million Phoenix News Today (August 28, 2016), geely vision SUV will be officially listed in Beijing, and the first owners to use, it is worth noting that the new conference, Geely will also hold "happy student action launching ceremony". According to previous reports, geely vision SUV will be equipped with two kinds of power, the introduction of a total of 4 models, Geely has previously announced the prospect of SUV pre-sale price, the price range of 8.09-10.39 million. Geely vision SUV official price models pre sale price (yuan) 1.8L  manual luxury; 8.09 1.8L  8.69 1.3T  manual distinguished type; 9.69 1.3T CVT CVT luxury flagship 10.39 tab: Phoenix car as GX7 generation models, appearance, vision SUV compared to the current GX7, SUV called the change vision is reborn if after one individual fat fat 40% through rigorous training into an individual fat 15% has six pack metrosexual man. Grille using water ripples family style, and the integration of the "paper" design, the car side of the wing waist outline of muscle sense, taillight using optical LED, looks more elegant. The appearance of the SUV vision of people feel the power, the interior is on the contrary, the interior of the SUV vision let people feel warm, comfortable seat like a sofa, utility storage space, soft white backlight exquisite, everywhere at home as the standard. The new configuration is very rich, is the standard Aluminum Alloy hub, LED daytime running lights, front airbags, leather seats, electric sunroof, 9 Inch Touch screen, GPS navigation, mobile phone connectivity, ESP vehicle stability system, HHC, HDC upslope auxiliary descent, cruise control etc.. 1.8 liters of distinguished type based on the side airbags, 360 degree panoramic imaging system, the main driving seat 6 to the electrical control and heating function; 1.3T flagship model also increases the electric folding exterior mirrors and side air curtain, convenience and safety further. Power, 1.3T will provide 1.8 liters and two engines, which 1.3T engine is Geely independent research and development of the second generation product, the maximum power of 133 horsepower (98 kW), matching the CVT CVT spwp; with a 1.8 liter engine, 5 speed manual transmission is provided by aisin.相关的主题文章: