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19 Nov

FOTILE’s new strategy: centers on the kitchen appliances – embracing cross-border Home Furnishing — original title: FOTILE’s new strategy: to the kitchen as the center of cross-border Home Furnishing embrace as a leader in high-end kitchen electric FOTILE, in the face of the wave of intelligent round and round, is quietly pushing from intelligence to electric kitchen as the center of the single product, popularization the kitchen is the center of the complete set of intelligent embedded products application, to the cross with wisdom as the center of the Home Furnishing electric kitchen, cabinets, furniture and other decoration fusion. The day before, FOTILE officially announced joint gold cabinets, Sophia furniture, ceramic tiles, sanitary ware and Marco Polo Moen Honeywell intelligent control of the five major home improvement giant Jingdong teamed up in the largest business platform Chinese, started a "7 day magic flash" as the theme of the "9 20 Festival home?". This has become China’s smart home industry this year, another round of new market detonated air. Somewhat different is that after the protagonist is a color TV, air conditioners or refrigerators and other power giants to the living room, bedroom as the center of the detonation. The protagonist is the kitchen electric industry leader FOTILE, the kitchen as the center of the ecological cross-border detonated. FOTILE smart strategy to upgrade from China first took the lead in the high-end lampblack machine to realize the comprehensive intelligent application of intelligent air Chinese detonated, kitchen electric products; to Chinese the first company to launch a full set of intelligent embedded kitchen electric products, open Chinese kitchen into a new intelligent era; today, FOTILE once again based on the electric kitchen, out of the kitchen, first teamed up with five big giants started from a home electric kitchen, kitchen to Home Furnishing without boundary cross-border integration expansion. It seems that in the appliance company, this is FOTILE smart strategy in the first market continued to upgrade and seek quick landing from technology innovation to the user experience, but also the entire China kitchen electric industry intelligent transformation into the deep water area after adjustment, starting again after sailing. In the FOTILE intelligent kitchen electric industry, the market continues to lead the strategy continuously behind detonated, it is a enterprise for a long time, continuous innovation in products of intelligent on the layout of the first and the Chinese family kitchen ingenuity way based on meet the demand from the point of pain, continue to lead to high-quality way of life and "benevolence" beauty release. In March this year, the completion of all high-end hood intelligent application, FOTILE will once again focus on the integration of industrial intelligent and embedded integration, including the introduction of Intelligent Cloud cube hood, fire direct injection gas stove, efficient U disinfection cabinet, sink, dishwasher, oven, steamer embedded embedded embedded microwave oven. To build the strongest lineup of embedded kitchen electrical integration. Then in June of this year, based on "benevolence" and "unbounded love innovation origin" product concept, FOTILE once again to achieve cross-border innovation of technology and the needs of users based on the one-time hood, water cube Cross Star dishwasher Q6 and steaming machine Z1 micro. Through the function to do addition, subtraction on the space, to achieve a breakthrough from the kitchen electrical products, kitchen space, to the integration of three-dimensional smart home remodeling. It can be said that it is based on time and again around the kitchen electric products of the original design, given the lead in FOTILE相关的主题文章: