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18 Nov

South Korean film collective boycott of the Busan Film Festival – dim starlight Beijing Beijing time on October 6th, the twenty-first Busan International Film Festival opening ceremony held quietly. The day is not like in previous years because of a boycott by the scenery, South Korea nine film organization, leading to the festival below standard, on the red carpet star scanty opening, only Han Xiaozhou, Min Ho and a few other local star game, and the keen to Busan Film Festival China film and also hard to find people. Last year saw the Busan Film Festival red carpet must be able to understand why this year’s red carpet became "quietly". Contrast really more than one lost! Even the stars dim are embarrassed to use! Last year, the red carpet has a red Strapless small elegant bursting with happiness, Tang Wei deep V breast white legs in the wind moving Ji-Won Ha, Son Ye Jin took Berlin Chan, Jeon Do-yun accompanied Kim Nam Gil, a cute Acting domestic box office temporarily invincible hand bunker Song Kanghao, capital of a handsome word Zhao Su line male god Chang Chen, are from all sides enthusiastic fans of Li Guangzhu and so on, all overseas actors are count, red carpet sell well. But this year it was only Han Xiaozhou, Min Ho and other support, other local actors most not name, some really bad. Because of a boycott by South Korea nine film organization, resulting in the Busan Film Festival is below the level in previous years, the red carpet star is just the beginning, even eager to Busan Chinese films and stars have almost disappeared. Now speaking of Busan, estimates the majority of users thought was the first time a while ago micro-blog explosion film "Busan line", compared to look for the host heart plug. Why do Korean filmmakers boycott the Busan International Film Festival? The situation is this: last year, Busan City hope Film Festival Organizing Committee to cancel the world No. shipwreck documentary "the diving bell" the accident has been released, the festival organizing committee refused, and the government of the "reject" response — will provide support to the Busan Film Festival Gold cut in half, supervision the implementation of the special supervision of the school of film festival. At the end of March this year, at the Busan Film Festival will regularly, Film Festival Executive Chairman Li Yong view have appointed 68 new members will have the right to vote, the Busan municipal government to further lead to dissatisfaction, and led to the Busan municipal government this month 11 days of proceedings, require members qualification suspended the 68 members. In April, the Busan District Court passed a lawsuit filed by the Executive Committee of the Busan International Film Festival in Busan to suspend the membership of the newly elected 68 members of the Advisory Committee of the Busan International Film festival. The South Korean film group complained that the government should not interfere in the festival, and refused to participate in this year’s Busan Film Festival protest. (Music)相关的主题文章: