National Day golden week in Nantong, Haian is expected to achieve total tourism income of 165 millio naughty怎么读

18 Nov

The National Day golden week Nantong Haian is expected to achieve 165 million of the total tourism revenue — Jiangsu windows — original title: National Day golden week county tourism market thriving National Day golden week, the tourism market exuberant vitality, holiday tourism. According to the survey estimates, during the festival, the county received a total of 137 thousand and 500 tourists, including tourists outside the county, a total of 62 thousand and 100 passengers, is expected to achieve total tourism revenue of $165 million. Urban and rural tourism. Jianghuai Culture Park organized the International Festival of lights in the romantic fantasy, for visitors dedication warm and unique visual feast; and seven in the seven Su memorial hall through multimedia, such as sound and light way to restore vivid historical scenes, but the heroic spirit of reproduction. Natural simplicity of rural eco-tourism is also favored by tourists. Multiple development of tourism form. Thanks to the continuous improvement of living standards and the wisdom of tourism exploration start, visitors pay more attention to personalized, experience and leisure travel way, the form of tourism presents a diversified development trend. The tourism market supply and demand. During the national day, tourists will travel strongly, the family swims, travel, family travel continues to heat up; County residents leisure tours, sightseeing tours, tourists returning overseas public ecological tour continued hot. The scenic spots, hotels and other tourism enterprises force, actively relying on local cultural characteristics to launch colorful theme activities, to provide a rich variety of tourism products, to meet the various demands of tourists, adequate market supply, accommodation, dining, attractions reception smooth and orderly, showing the development trend of the thriving tourism market. Another hearing (correspondent Wang Chunzhong) National Day Golden Week third days, Bai Dian Zhen Hong Jia Tan Chun Kui and cherry orchard ecological tourism orchard full of tourists, this is the day only two tourists more than 3 thousand passengers, mining water chestnut, tree, chicken and other products to catch by many tourists. In recent years, in order to promote the rational development of rural tourism industry, elaborate "baiding town rural tourism development planning", the overall packaging of development projects, improve the overall quality of rural tourism; actively organize the masses of performances, water features show text brigade activities held Cailing Festival, a series of activities such as Fishing Festival, formation Baidian Village Tour "brand effect", the "beautiful garden" Chinese Baidian WeChat platform development and operation, to further expand the visibility and influence of rural tourism. (Liu Ninghailv) (Tang Lu, commissioning editor Zhang Xin)相关的主题文章: