Guangdong retirees pensions rose 75 years of age plus $100 per month twoo是什么网站

18 Nov

Guangdong pensions rose over the age of 75 plus 100 yuan monthly information times news (reporter Huang Yan) yesterday, a "notice" on 2016 to adjust the basic pension for retirees spread in some retirees, reporters from Guangdong province people club office was informed that the notification will indeed recently formally issued and implemented. Daily economic news reporter learned that retirees will increase 35 yuan per person per month, at the same time, per person per month in accordance with the basic pension standards before I adjust the monthly increase of 4.8%. At least 75 years of age and the elderly as well as the "egg", per month plus 100 yuan, annual 1200 yuan, a separate one-time payment. From January this year, the pension adjustment, plus pensions will be issued in place at the end of September. It is understood that this year the adjustment of the basic pension is the first time in recent years to reduce the proportion of adjustment, but also the first time the enterprise and government agencies and institutions retirees adjust according to the basic pension adjustment. According to the notice, from January 1st this year to adjust the basic pension for retirees in the province. In other words, the province’s retirees will enjoy the salary treatment. Provincial Department of human resources and social requirements of the city in accordance with the provisions of the standard and requirements of the notice, shall not be made separately, nor for any reason to raise the level of adjustment, breaking the adjustment policy. The adjustment of the pension will adopt the principle of the combination of the general adjustment and the moderate inclination, the combination of the quota adjustment and the fixed ratio adjustment. Provincial Society said that before the end of September this year, increase the basic pension payment in place, to ensure the full and timely payment of pension benefits shall not be in arrears. Enterprise retirees pension pension adjustment increased along with the payment; has been officially implemented institution staff pension insurance area, retirees pension increase with pension payment; not formally start organs and institutions of staff pension insurance area, by the provincial human resources and social security department and the Provincial Department of finance according to the actual situation. To guide the implementation of unified adjustment.相关的主题文章: