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18 Nov

Dongyu Zhou: I now have the opportunity to have everyone Dongyu Zhou information times [micro-blog] (reporter Ma Zewang) thirteenth Guangzhou University Film Festival opened yesterday at the Jinan University. On September 14th officially released the "July and still", first in the campus as the opening film point mapping. The adaptation of baby Anne film, the story of a grown up with bestie, with growth and love, love to kill and love story ". At the beginning of Derek Tsang directed tube [micro-blog], this movie shows the complex love hate relationship between bestie, female students have praised the film scene is very real, and praised Derek Tsang’s "most understand female director". She plays Dongyu Zhou in the film [micro-blog] after the show and Derek Tsang also came together with the students. In addition to the students praised Dongyu Zhou will turn bold and uninhibited, raisin character is very lively, but also have to care about Dongyu Zhou’s feelings. Dongyu Zhou’s statement: "I’m single now, my marriage, you have the opportunity." The delicate film shoot bestie love and hate "14 years in July and still" in essence is not the youth film, the focus is on 14 years of friendship between the two girls. In July and she met on campus at the age of 13, quiet July and publicity of the sisters like quiet intimate relationship with her mother, not good still often in July home to eat and sleep, two people can take a bath together, chat together various private things. A few years later, in July with the handsome classmate home Ming dating, and ambiguous relationship between life and home not much, if any. She then left town, wandering. This before the sisters in the next life together several times in the reunion, reunion every time from talk to each other on the other side of love into each other, revealed to hate each other. Associate with Jia Ming bumps years of July, there were homeless years of living alone, eventually they think are not in accordance with the path of life to live, love and hate in the end, will be a full of Miss network novel "in July and she", with warmth to the hearts of parties. The first film directed by Cheng, not novices in the narrative and scene scheduling. In the show bestie between each other, such as with bath, chest and other scenes, the scene is also a girl watching comments that the director really understand the interactive between girls. While playing Ma Sichun in July [micro-blog] and she played Dongyu Zhou, the performance of the two can be considered their best film so far. Ma Sichun interpretation of the surface of the soft, but in fact depressed, a lot of ideas in July, the role of the complexity of the performance. Dongyu Zhou’s performance is even more surprising, she plays the daughter of a humble family looks quiet a vicious, uninhibited, free and easy, the heart and the lack of sense of security, sometimes with her pure smile can be conveyed by these internal qualities, especially to impress the audience, the audience after viewing said in the play Dongyu Zhou choked back tears smile with the July farewell scene, let a person look very sad. Winter rain Tucao smoking and drinking, I was director of bad communication after mapping, Derek Tsang said he was from ten)相关的主题文章: