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18 Nov

Postpartum lochia is going on? Who says it’s dirty? After the Sohu at the end of a child "birth" this Kaner, mothers will encounter another very troubled life during the postpartum lochia, that is. So after giving birth lochia why? How long can the lochia clean? Today, I will take you to understand the Kangaroo: knowledge of lochia. Why is there postpartum lochia? Lochial formation is actually refers to the process of necrosis of decidua and blood, cervical secretions mixed tissue vaginal discharge. So how do these organizations come from? Women in pregnancy, the endometrium will occur in the decidua and appropriate thickening, which is a necessary condition for smooth pregnancy. When the baby is born, the uterus began to self conditioning, thickening of the endometrium began to fall off, especially the placenta attached to the decidua, in order to be able to return to the size of the state did not pregnant. So why have lochia blood? As we all know, when the end of childbirth, the placenta will be stripped. Due to the placenta and the endometrium will be tightly together, will be stripped of the uterine wall after the injury, there will be bleeding phenomenon. Normal lochia has the smell of blood, but no smell. According to the color, nature and time is different, can be divided into the following three types: red lochial: is the first few days postpartum lochia discharge, the amount will be more, the color red, is mainly composed of blood and decidual tissue and mucus, and our menstruation is somewhat similar, sometimes also with blood clots, "meat" it is normal, usually lasts 3~4 days. Lochia serosa: with the gradual repair of uterine bleeding, lochia amount will be significantly reduced, the color will be changed from red to slurry containing more light red, is mainly composed of decidua and bacterial cervical secretions, blood, more necrosis. After the last 7~10 days, will be gradually transformed into white lochia. White lochia: usually in production after 2 weeks, the new endometrial will be covered in the lining of the uterus, endometrial no bleeding, lochia will become white or pale yellow, texture similar to the leucorrhea, but than leucorrhea. 2~3 weeks after gradually reduced and disappeared. During the discharge lochia nursing is the key, we mentioned above, because the placenta peeling, the uterine wall will be damaged, little attention is easy to cause infection. So, in this period, the new mother to do nursing work, until the end of the puerperium. 1, the nursing pad + sanitary napkin for new mothers comfort and health, the postpartum postpartum nursing pad with sanitary napkin for maternal use. Some new mothers postpartum lochia, sometimes there will be "leakage" phenomenon, put the soiled linen. The production of mattresses and maternal special sanitary napkins with the use of words, can be very good to avoid the occurrence of such a situation. In the replacement of sanitary napkins, sanitary napkins on mothers but also to observe the amount of lochia, color and odor are normal. 2, pay attention to health in this period of time the discharge of lochia, ensure the vulva clean is very important. And frequently change the sanitary pad, frequently change underwear, and then use sterilized cotton from ~!相关的主题文章: