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17 Nov

"Black five" did not grab? "Online shopping Monday" Americans continue shopping in new network on 27 November, according to foreign media reports, the "black Friday" and "buy buy buy" the tide has not yet receded, retail and online stores "online shopping Monday" has been ahead of debut. A number of large chain stores this year to hold high to beat the black five price banner, and early in the war on Sunday, some of the goods online businesses, and even on the morning of 25 has begun. Reported that today, "online shopping Monday" (Cyber Monday) thunder did not allow the "black five", but more and more users and attention to the business, promotional efforts than "black five" ifheavier. People who are too busy to spend their weekends shopping can sit in front of the office computer and enjoy the shopping. Similarly, the "online shopping Monday" promotional activities will not only on the same day, may last about a week or so. In November 24, 2016, New York local time in Manhattan, Messi department store the influx of consumers buy goods, to meet the "black Friday" shopping day. In the United States, WAL-MART’s "online shopping Monday" on the morning of 25 has already begun, preheating, including household appliances, video games, toys, clothing, sporting goods and household tools, almost every hour to add a number of large discount merchandise. Taghit (Target) and (Best Buy) both announced Monday will open online shopping early at 27 am local time, the traditional one day super online shopping day in advance, not only for a day, but whether it is online shopping or store, compared to the "black five" to 15%". Amazon announced that 25, there will be as many as 75000 preferential commodity sales in the "online shopping Monday" in this year, including household appliances, toys, electronic music games and books, the super online shopping day Monday and will be extended to the "online shopping week", seven days are super cheap. In November 25th, consumer countries ushered in the "black Friday" discount day, people will come to supermarkets, buy their goods. Among the many commodities, large screen TV popular, almost every store can see the big TV consumers embrace. The picture shows a shopping mall in Brazil, St Paul, a large screen TV has become a popular commodity. Relevant agency data show that from this year’s Thanksgiving Day to black five, the United States online shopping amounted to $5 billion, an increase of 11.4% over the same period last year. It is expected that online shopping on Monday will be more than black five, becoming the United States this year’s busiest shopping day, is expected to reach 3 billion 360 million of the total online spending. Consumers shift from physical stores to online shopping, not only let the e-commerce giant Amazon benefited, even the world’s largest cheap goods chain WAL-MART to be outdone, this year launched its own online shopping APP, intends to attract consumers on its website. Taghit also said that in the past year mobile APP sales increased by 200%. Forester Research Corporation (Forrester Research) predicted that in 2016 the whole of the year of November.相关的主题文章: