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17 Nov

U.S. presidential election: "spend money like water" election session takes up "two things are very important in American Politics: the first is money, or money second." Insiders have found that American political rule, former U.S. Senator Mark · Hanna concluded. As early as in 1896 and in 1900, he relied on this rule to help the Republican William · Mckinley won the two consecutive U.S. presidential election. In the United States, "one person, one vote" democratic form has transformed into a "one dollar ticket", "money politics" has become difficult problems. In recent years with the provisions on the administration of political donations and donations to cancel further deregulation limit, "the election followed the money" in the United States is becoming more and more work in just ways "". How to suck money? From the November U.S. presidential election campaign started only less than two months, the two candidates Hilary and Trump’s campaign team also began to enter "sprint gold". Why? Based on past experience, the presidential candidate fundraising more higher odds — a German newspaper statistics show that nearly 50 years of the last presidential election in the United States are the most fundraising candidates. Hilary: raise $250 thousand an hour to enter since August, Hilary life to participate in fund-raising activities. The Associated Press reported that in early September, Hilary at the rally in space intensive various fundraising activities, only 9 a day will raise at least $5 million 500 thousand. In August, a three day trip to California, Hilary raised a total of $18 million, equivalent to raise about $250 thousand per hour. To break the Obama record according to U.S. media data, the campaign team in August to raise a total of $143 million in political donations, the highest record since the election in. As of July 31st this year, Hilary has been raising nearly $693 million, plus the August and September at the beginning of the new revenue, Hilary has raised nearly $850 million, "gold" amazing ability. Since the election, the Hilary campaign fundraising goal is to strive to break the current record of $1 billion in the 2012 election of President Obama. That year, Obama and his team to support the "super political action committee" totaling $1 billion 100 million fund-raising. The Hilary team, "record" is not "mission impossible" – former U.S. presidential election, one or two months before the election day to raise money is often the fastest stage, this is mainly because the election became clear, many before holding the money and not to let go of the "golden master" to the most is likely to win the election "throwing money". A telephone conference around Hilary a few staff last week to raise department task, allow them to raise at least $100 million in November 8th before the election day. As early as the beginning of the beginning of last year, when the party primaries, some of Hilary’s close aides in private conversation estimated that by the end of the election, the cost of one party will reach $15~20. Trump: "don’t worry about money" also worry has been boasting "worry about money" the Republican candidate Trump Be Hilary behind many data show that as of July 31st this year, through his campaign team, at their own expense, raise the "super.相关的主题文章: