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17 Nov

This ancient tea tea, its style between the old class and get between Sohu and Manchester – Map: South Beauty Tea tea trees "new" fan Pu’er, from hekai. There must be many friends will like me the tea, because a mountain of tea trees, and then Pu’er Tea indissoluble bound. Since the tea industry, often feel, this time not by, in the twinkling of an eye is one year in the tea season. In the tea buds and germination of Camellia, open fall, tea and fruit all over the branches of the occasion, has been for years. 5 years ago in the spring of 2012, by teacher Yang Zhongyue met in Pu’er City, thanks to the leadership of the Yang, visited Menghai for the first time he Kaigu Cha Shan county. At that time, Cha Shan Road, still very difficult, as soon as he left Menghai to Daluo Road, became a rural dirt road muddy and bumpy, pile pit pits, holes into the distance. Strong desire to Gujarat, prompted us to move forward regardless of personal danger. Just bitter we drove Yang Xiaoqian teacher, before the car raised dust blurred vision, from time to time to stop to dust landing, and then drove forward. The mountains on the way, from time to time the fork in the road, afraid to lose, had to bite the bullet, desperately trying to keep up with big eyes, the car is not left behind. Suddenly, Miss Yang subconsciously stepped on the foot brake, the sharp gray dispersed, a car personnel shocked our vehicles to the edge of the cliff, is another step forward for the abyss, people scared into a cold sweat. Map: South Beauty Tea tea trees ", open to the Hekai fork in the road, the team stopped. Yang Zhongyue teacher told us: here is the old village, Manchester Manchester to get new village and Manmai village intersection. Xishuangbanna side of the people call it open, Pu’er side of the people who call it the man lane, in fact, are said to be the same mountain. After a short pause, we drove away. Until a few years later, all around, we found Hekai tea king, also is the legendary Xibao No. 4, in the fork on the edge, close at hand was unaware. To the later, would see a not to leave the image. Tan from Urumqi, and from Zhengzhou, Bu Youyuan, two girls hand in hand can hold the tree. Is to be a sage Lu Yu said: two people from. This picture, accompanied by 4 consecutive years of public lecture tour, always show, often amazing! Map: South Beauty Tea tea trees "new open" in early 2012, the earliest I was impressed by the new old walled Cayman tea trees. It is composed of two Korean friends in the new investment system early in the limited conditions, what, no decent tea, a handful of tea into the enamel bowl, smoked large aluminum pot looks the absolute black frame in the fire to boil water, do not wash tea, boiling water rushed into the straight. Since the end of the enamel cylinder, took a sip, he ends up and walked out. The heart is beautiful, sweet entrance, sweet aftertaste, fragrant aroma, fragrance like natural ripe fruits and honey mixed together, gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind. He believes that this is a good tea. Drinking tea, leaning against the railing net down from upstairs相关的主题文章: