Impossible to guard against! Most people fooled by the 30 scam here – Sohu Finance 66814

17 Nov

Impossible to guard against! Most people fooled by the 30 scam here – Sohu finance these scams you certainly heard more or less, have to admire the liar’s brain hole. We should also pay attention to, don’t be crooks have an opportunity. 1, please put the mobile phone in the same scam in your bag two buddy meet is: bus 3 crooks sit around you, while you don’t pay attention to your mobile phone in a pocket or backpack, after the mobile phone does not see, a liar by partner mobile phone bag, your mobile phone rang. You are a thief falsely accused, falsely you, buddy was almost scared to death, and finally was referred to the police station…… Police advise: once never panic not anxious not to touch your mobile phone, no fingerprint and loud alarm, put them in their place. Remember to get off the bus. 2, cheap yuan to buy fruit, 2 yuan to fight the group to buy a box of imported blueberries, but also a packet of mail!" Recently, WeChat circle of friends there are many similar to fight single information. In fact, these WeChat marketing group activities, the purpose is to steal the user’s personal information. The criminals to buy these cheap information by sending SMS fraud, dial telephone fraud and other various ways to cheat the user’s bank card, Alipay account information and password, and then through the way of transfer money. Police advise: we see the ultra low, cheap group purchase to panic buying long months. First, it is necessary to clear the operation of the main group who buy low, they have no operational qualification. Secondly, in the absence of information on the situation can help the power of the network, to find whether the group is authentic. Finally, we must believe that the sky will not cause no reason pie. 3, help "help bargain bargain" refers to the circle of friends in the link to help friends cut the price of the goods, if cut down to 0 yuan, get the value of several hundred yuan, a few thousand dollars or even million items free. In the face of such temptation, many people will move, have to "help bargain" ranks, but many people busy for a long time, the result of deception. The police warned: "bargain", "power" is just a way of network marketing. Different accounts held similar activities have different purposes, some for product marketing promotion, and some are in order to deceive fans attention, personal information, etc.. What is more, in order to follow-up fraud. 4, choudaijiang spend money to pay 300 yuan deposit can one draw, prizes: first prize notebook computer, the original price of 3000 yuan, special offer for 310 yuan; two prize for electric vehicles, the original price 2680 yuan, 308 yuan special offer; third-prize for digitalmeridiantherapydevice, the original price of 698 yuan, 299 yuan special offer; four prize for multi cooker, original price 688 yuan, 298 yuan special offer. Five prizes to the top nine prizes are $1 prize. The police warned: in fact no first prize and the two prize box, on-site child care to attract people, people have to draw prizes to buy these goods, in fact is not worth the price! Poor and high prices, not to mention the online shopping, shopping malls are cheaper than this. 5, to pay the freight can receive the name of the goods recently, circle of friends, there are a lot of free gift "Chanel lipstick", "star with the sun glasses", "famous brand watches", "brand headphones" and other letters相关的主题文章: