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17 Nov

Will Xi Xi win the Nobel Peace Prize? Ma Ying-Jeou: to keep a low profile – Sohu military channel data figure: Xi ma. Chinese Taiwan today (26 days) quoted Taiwan media reported that 26 days, "Taiwan government" in the era of dozens of "national policy consultant Association held a" elected Xi Ma to fight the Nobel Peace Prize for "the first meeting. The main purpose is to press China President Xi Jinping and former Taiwan leader Ma Ying-Jeou for the Nobel peace prize, at the same time, the organization said in a petition to get enough, is expected to be a formal proposal at the end of October. Before the "national policy advisor" Lin Shuiji said, before meeting Ma Ying-Jeou, mentioned the matter, Ma Ying-Jeou said: "the parties to be low-key". Today, Ma Ying-Jeou’s office said the responsible person is different, Ma Ying-Jeou to the press conference prior to completely unknown, that is not properly elected. It is not the first time that the proposal of "learning to win the Nobel Peace Prize". In the last year, "Xi Ma would, had the Taiwan Affairs Office on" Xi Jinping Ma Ying-Jeou was recommended to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize "response. Last December 30th, the Foreign Ministry press conference, Fujian Straits TV reporters said: Recently, on both sides of the well-known scholars, experts recommend Xi Jinping and Ma Ying-Jeou jointly issued the 2016 "Nobel Peace Prize" candidate proposal, how do you comment on this? Thank you。 Ma Xiaoguang responded: This is a kind of spontaneous behavior. The results show that the leaders of the two sides and the significance of the people deeply popular, popular, but also shows that since 2008 the situation of peaceful development of cross-strait relations by the people of both sides of the high degree of recognition. We don’t respond to hypothetical questions. Why so suddenly? It is understood that the twelfth and the 13 national policy consultant fraternity held a press conference on the 26, announced that it would promote the former president Ma Ying-Jeou fight for the peace prize for the Nobel. The former "legislator" Liu Shengliang said, for learning, Ma two people compete for the Nobel peace prize is to affirm Ma Ying-Jeou’s 8 years in power in the cross-strait relations contribution, this course will help the Asian and world peace. Before the "national policy advisor" Lin Shuiji said, before meeting Ma Ying-Jeou, Ma also mentioned the matter, "smile and full of expectation, but stressed that" the parties to be low-key". Bayashi Mizushi said, this is the value of promoting peace held, like President Cai Yingwen said cross-strait reconciliation, but I do not know is really false play "play". Lin Shuiji revealed that at present has contacted many legislators, President of the University, county mayor in the end of October will be formally signed, scheduled delivery. According to the Taiwan news network news, Ma Ying-Jeou’s office 26 days to respond to the matter said after retiring Ma Ying-Jeou, Liu Shengliang, Lin Shuiji and other advisers did visit, to promote the expression of the horse before the presidential race the Nobel Peace Prize; Ma Ying-Jeou was grateful for their kindness, but not broken, that is also very clear to inform the "national policy adviser" "this is not right, they do not encourage them to do it." Observer network has learned that the Nobel peace prize is one of the five Nobel prizes. According to Nobel’s will, the peace prize.相关的主题文章: