ZTE mobile phone could recover over reliance on operators lack of brand building 月丘うさぎ

15 Nov

ZTE mobile phone could recover: over reliance on operators lack of brand original title: ZTE mobile phone operators dependence when the domestic mobile phone manufacturers are busy with the new release, but the day before ZTE announced the replacement of mobile phone business leader, veteran Yin Yimin replaced Ceng Xuezhong as general manager of ZTE terminal division. Insiders pointed out that ZTE ZTE mobile phone is not willing to move in the domestic market step by step fall, also want to expand in overseas markets and make decisions, but this is not easy. ZTE once rely too heavily on the operator channel, lack of open channel construction line, making ZTE mobile phone fell as the channel operators decline. For the new management, how to get rid of operator dependency, ZTE is the key to the success of the phone can be revived. The overall adjustment level on Monday, ZTE released a paper red tape, announced that the company executive director Yin Yimin serves as the terminal division general manager, the company’s mobile phone business person in charge, and the performance of nearly three years of the original mobile phone business leader Ceng Xuezhong will serve as a EVP to assist the people of yin. ZTE relevant person in charge of the market also told the Beijing Daily reporter confirmed the appointment. The personnel adjustment, but also the resurgence of veteran return. It is understood that the Yin Yimin is one of the earliest founder of ZTE mobile phone, ZTE mobile phone contributed from 0 to 1 of the building. Yin Yimin also said in a letter to the mobile phone team, "very happy for the first time in 14 years to return to the mobile phone division, can work with you again, I feel very warm, and we look forward to the development together, beyond". Mobile phone business is responsible for the change is only part of the whole management of the big adjustment. In April this year, ZTE announced that Zhao Xianming served as chairman and chief executive officer of the board of directors of the company, the former president of the company, no longer served as president of the post, but is still a member of the board of directors of ZTE seventh. In addition, the change and the former executive vice president Tian Wen Gou and Qiu Weizhao. This round of personnel adjustment has also been seen as a big change in the world since the establishment of ZTE, the highest level, close to 30%-40% personnel adjusted. This round of high-level adjustment is dominated by technical personnel. It is understood that Zhao Xianming served as ZTE CTO, ZTE is the leader of a number of technologies, such as long-term responsible for CDMA digital cellular mobile communication system research and development, independent research and development of GoTa digital trunking system. The Yin Yimin 1991 has served as director of ZTE semiconductor research and development in many fields, then in charge of research and development, marketing, sales and service of the mobile phone, many excellent products of ZTE are from his hand. Operators in the world network editor in chief Kang Zhao also said Beijing daily in an interview with reporters, "Yin Yimin has a strong technical background, good in product development, as the general manager of the terminal division, can enhance the strength of research and development of ZTE mobile phone". Mobile phone business fell step by step in the mobile phone business, compared to the domestic market is mainly responsible for Ceng Xuezhong, Yin Yimin has a large number of global operating experience, also can arouse the whole company resources. ZTE in the internal open letter also said that the move aims to enhance the strategic position and theory of the mobile phone business相关的主题文章: